If you are an investor at or near retirement age, you may be wondering about making your individual retirement account (IRA) or 401k more secure.

After all, stocks, bonds, and mutual funds can be risky.

Is investing in a gold-backed IRA a good idea?

One of the most secure ways to protect your future is with precious metals like gold and silver that hedge you against inflation and maintain a steady value over time thanks to their intrinsic qualities.

Here is what you need to know about converting to a physical gold IRA by doing a 401k to gold IRA rollover.

What is a gold-backed IRA?

A gold backed IRA is a special kind of IRA that allows you to hold gold and silver instead of riskier assets.

With a traditional IRA you cannot do this because they hold your retirement funds in traditional investments like bonds, stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs.

A gold-backed IRA gives you the increased security and peace of mind of gold and silver while also being able to control your money with this new self directed IRA. 

How does an IRA in gold work?

A gold IRA allows you to transfer your nest egg out of stocks and bonds into actual, physical precious metals like gold and silver.

If you convert IRA to physical gold, this has a number of benefits.

Firstly, you get to control this new IRA so you have the final say on your retirement funds instead of a custodian.

Also, you get to enjoy tax-deferment, which means you only pay taxes on the metals when you withdraw them from your account.

A gold IRA allows you to hedge against inflation and volatile markets with an asset that keeps its value over time and balances your portfolio to protect your family’s financial future.

Are Gold IRAs Safe?

It is a way to diversify your portfolio to weather any financial storm.

In addition, gold always holds consistent value long term, meaning your nest egg for retirement is protected and you can have peace of mind that you are hedging against inflation.

It is different than having your assets in a stock or bond.

In addition, certain Gold IRAs you actually own the gold and silver.

This is quite different to others where you only own a share in a mining stock or a certificate of gold or silver, which means nothing more than the paper it is printed on if the underlying company goes bankrupt and can’t pay you.

Your gold and silver are safely stored in an IRS-eligible vault in high security locations.

All of the accounting and security you would need are provided, and you are fully 100% insured for your full value of the precious metals, including the shipping of packages.

Is it better to invest in gold or silver?

Whether or not gold or silver is a better investment strategy depends on your current savings and plans for retirement.

Gold and silver can both be great investments, and some people prefer only one metal or even both metals in a combination of investment ratios.

Gold can be a hedge for inflation long term and market volatility.

Silver has some more uses in modern industrial practices like medical devices and smartphones.

How to move 401k to gold without penalty

When it comes to a gold IRA rollover, avoiding a penalty is one of the most common questions investors have and is very important.

There are two ways to transfer money between retirement accounts that are ta-free and penalty free. The first is the 60-day rollover option.

With the 60-day rollover, your IRA or 401(k) provider will mail you a check to your home. Then, you take the check and mail it to your new IRA provider. If you perform this within 60 days there is no penalty or tax accrued.

The second method is called a trustee-trustee transfer. This involves you moving your retirement funds from your IRA provider to your new one directly which allows you to get your funds into your new account as fast as possible.

Professionals will assist you with this to make it an accurate, fast, and easy process.

To sum up

When it comes to planning for retirement, whether that is now or in the future, you need to be a wise investor.

It can be tempting to go after huge returns on stocks and bonds, but they carry great risk as well if they crash.

You could lose everything.

Converting your existing IRA into gold can help you enjoy a consistent, predictable income for retirement that is immune to inflation and other market factors so you can protect your family’s future and your prized nest egg.

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