The impact of climate change on our planet is becoming increasingly noticeable every year. With shifting weather patterns and rising sea levels, it is an urgent call to action before it is too late.

It is crucial that we all work together to fight climate change. NGOs provide opportunities for everyone to participate in sustainable initiatives.

Ready to change the world?

A Non-Governmental Organization is a non-profit institution that brings together communities to work on various social, environmental, and humanitarian issues. NGOs are dedicated to specific causes, inspiring positive change and supporting communities in need.

Are you a dedicated young leader committed to promoting a sustainable future through positive change? Then read on.

Our planet needs change makers like you to leverage the NGO’s capacities and resources to build resilience to the challenges a changing climate poses.

If you want to join an NGO with impactful initiatives to support, Saving Rivers and Lakes invites you to be part of the change.

Join the Movement for Saving Rivers and Lakes

Saving Rivers and Lakes works to protect and restore freshwater in crucial ecosystems to the planet’s overall health, such as the Amazonas jungle and Nepal.

With initiatives including environmental education, habitat restoration, pollution reduction, and community engagement, you will get involved in safeguarding and recovering freshwater ecosystems for a sustainable tomorrow.

Join the Climate Change team and make a difference by participating in exciting projects.

You’ll be helping to restore rivers and lakes’ ecosystems and spreading awareness about environmental conservation worldwide.

One of the most pressing concerns is the state of our planet’s ecosystems

The impact of global warming on the world’s water patterns is no longer a future scenario – it is already happening. Let’s think of Cape Town, which in 2018 faced a countdown to “Day Zero”. It was on the edge of becoming the first metropolitan area to run out of water entirely due to the severe droughts caused by climate change.

Another concerning matter is that the world’s scarce water resources are becoming increasingly limited due to the worsening pollution of rivers, lakes, aquifers, and coastal waters.

With the need for access to safely managed drinking-water services, there are currently 122 million people who gather untreated surface water from lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams. Due to geographic, sociocultural and economic inequalities, globally, at least 2 billion people use a drinking water source contaminated with faeces. This presents a health risk of severe diseases and causes 485 thousand diarrhoeal deaths yearly.

The degradation of freshwater ecosystems is estimated to result in a reduction of approximately one-third of global biodiversity, according to Freie Universitat.

Considering the world’s challenges and our planet’s increasingly compromised health, we must take action to safeguard a sustainable and thriving world for generations to come.

We need to act quickly before the changes become irreversible

We are at a turning point in world history where communities must unite to create a sustainable future for all.

A very important step in protecting our home is to preserve natural habitats that play a crucial role in maintaining biodiversity, mitigating climate change, and ensuring the wellbeing of both present and future generations.

Rainforests are essential in stabilizing the climate locally and globally. There is a direct connection between the health of the Amazon and the Earth’s health.

A recent study reveals that over 1 million square miles of the remaining Amazon Forest are experiencing degradation.

How can our lifestyle impact nature and future generations?

Join the community of people across cultures and countries to find solutions that promote environmental sustainability, resilience, and cultural empowerment.

Developing strategies to combat the effects of climate change and human impact on the environment together with Saving Rivers and Lakes.

If you’re a change-maker ready to build a sustainable future, APPLY NOW to join the Saving Rivers and Lakes movement and contribute to fighting the climate change!

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