Just because a company has been in business for decades, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s immune to mistakes.

Mistakes happen on a regular basis for every company. Many times it comes down to companies simply not being aware of the poor decisions they are making.

3 common mistakes companies constantly make

Awareness is one of the first steps to correcting negative decisions.

There are three common mistakes companies constantly make and they’re listed below.

Forgetting the higher purpose

For a company to stay on track morally and financially, it can’t forget its higher purpose.

There are companies such as Nu Skin that work to keep their greater goals in mind each day. Nu Skin company reviews are positive because of Nu Skin’s emphasis on its mission.

The skincare company also has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau thanks in part to its corporate social responsibility initiatives.

If not everyone in a company, from brand new interns to the experienced members of C-suite, understands the organization’s higher purpose then it’s bad news.

This problem can be solved on multiple levels. The higher purpose of every company should be reflective of its values and capable of being integrated in everyday actions.

CEOs and leadership teams can remind employees of their higher purpose by doing several things, such as:

  • Living and leading by example with a focus on overall goals.
  • Reminding teams of values and higher purpose through training.
  • Reinforcing the higher purpose and values of the company via internal communications.

When CEOs and leadership teams work to keep the higher purpose as the North Star of their decision making, they will be better able to accomplish their goals.

Lack of experimentation

Just because the members of a company have a great idea to transform business production doesn’t mean a full-fledged implementation of the idea will work.

When businesses jump straight to full implementation of new tech and new ideas, more mistakes tend to happen.

This is because there was no experimentation involved. Experimentation is key to any new idea succeeding because it allows a company to test the idea without committing a great deal of resources to it.

Find ways to test new ideas and new technology in small batches. Doing so will save companies money and time in the long run and will help companies quickly find solutions to problems.


Many goals and objectives can be achieved when companies work hard and stay the course.

When teams quit, they fall short of everything they were working to achieve.

Can you imagine how different the world would be if companies like Amazon or Nike quit when new ideas failed?

It’s important to stay focused and not be discouraged when things aren’t working out.

There are different ways to stay motivated when the going gets tough. Some of those things include setting key priorities every day, focusing on progress, and doing the hard things first. When employees know their priorities and can see the progress they’re making, they will succeed and not give up.

With these three common mistakes in mind, start taking action to avoid them. Real progress begins when these mistakes stop happening.

Employees will no longer be held back by problems that can easily be prevented by remembering their higher purpose, experimenting with new solutions, and staying the course when the going gets tough.

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