The way of doing business has changed, and coworking is the future.

Workers are changing suits and formal reunions, to an everyday informal way of networking in a common space.

Coworking was first introduced back in 2005. It all started in San Francisco, with a site called “Hat Factory”. According to Deskmag, today there are about 1,100 spaces worldwide.

For someone working independently, running a small startup or being a freelancer, finding an affordable workspace can be a challenge. Coworking spaces offer an opportunity to collaborate when individuals come together to work.

5 reasons to start coworking

  • Collaboration
  • Business Scalability
  • Accessibility
  • Integration
  • Multifunctional Space

Working closely with other people instead of home or coffee places sounds like an interesting proposition. I believe everyone likes to belong to something, and since times are changing, this working option supports this psychological need. Being surrounded with like-minded people would spark new ideas for your businesses or projects.

If you are considering to start co-working, here are 3 aspects to take into account for the ideal work experience.

1. Location

It is important to check the social life around the coworking as well as public services and restaurants. It has to be accessible for you and your prospective clients.

2. Comfort

Your new workspace has to feel as comfortable as your home office, so be picky here. Elements like design, available space, furniture, a presence of the conference room, TV screens for presentations, bathroom, reunion spaces, kitchen,etc and utilities like strong Wi-Fi have to be carefully weighted.

3. Work Environment

If you are going to be working in a shared space, it should be a pleasant environment for you to work in. There will be plenty of people sharing the same premises with you. So the coworking spaces have their value proposition focused on creating a space where ideas can be shared.

Defining a coworking culture

Co-working spaces are great for developing, improving, or scaling your business idea, where you need nothing more than your talent, energy, and a computer. The culture of coworking stands on the idea of sharing with others and creating a community where skills are shared.

Starting a business in a coworking space is ideal if you want to stop worrying about expensive office rent, arrange meetings with clients, and other services to start focusing on the business development.

What do you think? What have been the best experience for you to work in a coworking space? Let me know in the comment section below.

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