The term “successful” doesn’t really do justice in terms of describing those leaders who consistently add immense value to their organizations.

What they contribute goes far beyond being successful in terms of WHAT they achieve; the value they contribute speaks to HOW they deliver what is expected of them.

These are standout leaders who are incomparable in the crowd of their colleagues who struggle to effectively practice their craft.

The standouts are not only unmatched by those leadership practitioners who follow normal standards, they stand above the grunge and monotony of common organizational life.

Standout leaders are truly refreshing — more refreshing than beer.

Here’s why I think so…

1. Beer relaxes you and can make you mellow; standout leaders give you a high of energy euphoria which drives you on with confidence.

2. Beer quenches a thirst; the standout whets your appetite for the more long lasting benefits they have the ability to offer you.

3. Beer can cause binging behaviour; the standout draws you to them to drink what they have to offer consistently into the future.

4. Beer reduces your inhibitions for the moment; the standout makes it easier for you to step out and take risks for long term gains. — beer makes you feel cool; the standout recognizes you for your contribution but develops you to achieve your maximum potential.

5. Beer sensitizes your emotions on most topics; standout leaders heighten your awareness to things going on around you, but encourages a selective response thoughtful based on the importance of the topic in the moment.

Beer makes you smart

6. Beer makes you an “expert” on most subjects; the standout encourages you to focus your passion and learn everything you can about it on as deep a level as you can.

7. Beer makes the opposite sex even more attractive; the standout teaches you to value skills and competencies in other people regardless of who they are.

8. Beer feeds and grows the belly and muffin roll; the standout empower you to indulge in the things you crave and be ok with it.

9. Beer leads to more beer; the standout guides you to have as many broad experiences as you can in order to better assess your next move.

10. Beer has the potential to make you sick; the standout always nurtures you to make you feel better about who you are and what you contribute.

11. Beers transforms you into a rock star; the standout mentors you to help and honour others around you who help you achieve your goals. — beer bloats you if you drink too many; the standout coaches you to focus your efforts on the critical few things that yield the greatest returns and conserve your energy and resources.

12. Beer makes you laugh out loud a lot; the standout teaches that you can enjoy a numerous moment without disrupting those around you.

13. Beer can screw with your vision and make things look blurry; the standout leader helps you hone your vision into laser-like clear focus.

14. Beer can make you meander and sometimes fall; the standout gets you to set a goal and march steadfastly toward it.

Beer makes you swear

15. Beer can make you swear; the standout believes that if your are sincerely passionate about something, you can express yourself in a compelling persuasive way without the need for expletives.

16. Beer consumption must stop at some point if you are to stay healthy; learning from the standout never ends. They are a seemingly bottomless pit of knowledge and counsel from which you can constantly draw the energy, expertise and guidance.

17. Too much beer leads to a hangover; too much of a standout leaves you hung over as well, but it’s an adrenalin rush from the aura they create.

18. Beer is a offered by many suppliers and tends to be viewed as a commodity; standout leaders are unique among their peers and colleagues and coveted for their advice and counsel.

Standout leaders are rare; a good beer not necessarily so.

When you find a standout, treat them as a precious asset and drink what they have to offer with no limits.

What do you think? What has been your experience working with the standout leaders?
I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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