If you are in the business world, especially small businesses, you know the close relationship that companies have with the government.

However, often times this relationship can be strained.

The government doesn’t always have the best interests of business in their minds when creating services and policies, much less executing them.

However, there are some examples of services you should know about and take advantage of them if your government offers them.

If you don’t, your competitors might do so and take additional market share in your industry and steal your customers.

3 government services that will help your small business

So take note of these government services and see how you could use them in your business.

New app

When emergencies happen in communities, it is common to call 911 (or 112 anywhere in Europe).

However, this can be an issue. If you call 911 and there is not an immediate emergency, it causes problems.

It ties up the time of the operators who could and should be using their time to help people in actual emergencies such as imminent danger and life and death scenarios. What is the solution?

Governments are realizing that citizens are becoming much more digital today. There are a variety of ways to communicate and connect thanks to the internet.

This is important for instances where something is happening where you need the assistance of the government or police without being an emergency.

For example, traditionally you would have to call 311 for this service.

If someone is loitering or causing noise, this would be a circumstance where you want to get the authorities involved without using up the vital emergency service lines.

But sometimes, especially for younger users, it is easier to use online resources like apps right from their smartphones.

This is where the new 311 app comes into play. It lets users file complaints for non emergency situations and is a great example of a feature a business could use to quickly alert authorities if issues arise in their vicinity.


One of the biggest issues facing companies trying to recruit new employees is the transportation situation.

When an employee knows that they would have to commute through terrible traffic, it can be a negative factor when considering moving to your city to work with your company or even deciding to move across town.

This is in large part because modern cities are becoming so expensive to live in that it is driving people out.

However, when it comes to transportation, it can be made better.

When governments, like those in Singapore and Toronto, make an investment in public transportation, it makes it easier for companies to tap labor pools all around the area.

Someone doesn’t have to worry about commuting if the government subsidizes the train or car system where it is easier to use and less costly.

This is plus for everyone, especially small businesses, who have less to compete on than major businesses.

Loans and business funding

One of the biggest issues facing companies today is getting the adequate funding they deserve for their companies.

Without having the right finances, you can’t grow as quickly by hiring or investing in new technologies.

The government can step in here and help in a number of ways.

They can offer short term loans with low interest rates. They can even create grants (free money) to reward those who want to do business there.


When it comes to governments, many times people believe that they get in the way of businesses doing their thing.

However, this view is not always correct.

There are many ways in which the government can help your business.

If you embrace these new technologies and services, you can win big and dominate your competition.

If you ignore them, you might miss out on opportunities to grow your brand.

So make the most of your time and let the government help you, not hurt you, going forward.

Then sit back and relax while additional profits come rolling in your doors.

What other government services can you think of that could assist your business? What has been your experience with government services so far? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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