If you are in business, it is vital that you use your resources smartly.

Without the right strategy and tools, you could make major mistakes that cost you time and money.

3 opportunities your business needs to take advantage of

Don’t allow your competitors to have an edge on you and take your customers.

Utilize these three opportunities below and enjoy more profit and market share than ever before:

1. Selling page design

When it comes to your ecommerce website design, or for any industry, your selling page will have a drastic effect on your conversions.

It can be the make breakpoint and you should not take it lightly. So make sure your page design is easy to use, fast, and secure.

However, the most important part of your page design is your copy. In short, these are the words you use to persuade and sell your product.

Here is how to craft compelling copy that will help your business capture more sales:


The first step to your online copy is to get attention.

This involves a great headline that stops your readers in their tracks when they are scrolling through their social media feed or even on your website.

Without attention, you could have the best product in the world but no one is going to buy it.


Once you have gotten your customer to take notice of your ad or your article that you want to them to be seeing, you still need to build interest.

To do this, focus on issues that are hot buttons for your prospects. Anything that they would want to solve or have is a great starting point.

Keep them reading one sentence after another, and eventually weave in the next part:


Once you have their interest, it’s time to really build desire on your page.

You do this by getting emotional. Focus on the positive outcomes that your customer could have with your product. Allow them to picture it in detail.

But also paint a picture with your words of the negative consequences if they don’t take action.

After all, if your product truly helps people you should help them understand why.


Finally, you must always ask for action. “Buy Now” buttons are a great starting point, but don’t stop there.

Find unique ways to encourage them to sign up, subscribe, and buy while they’re on your landing page.

2. Social media and advertising

Social media is on of the greatest gifts to the modern day business.

However, it is only as effective as the amount that you use it. If you don’t use these free tools, you will not reach people like you could.

You are also missing your chance to control the narrative around your company and get ahead of potential issues.

In addition to free social media, don’t hesitate to invest in online marketing ads.

You can track the results of these and constantly improve them.

Before you know it, your conversions will shoot through the roof. But don’t be afraid of getting professionals involved if you need guidance on exactly how to make the most of your campaigns.

3. Investing in a CRM system

Your sales team is the lifeblood of your company. They work hard everyday to bring new accounts in and manage the ones you have.

However, without the proper organization and software, this can be a hassle. With a CRM, you can keep details on all of your customers in one place.

It is also easy to share this info with different departments. That means your sales team can know exactly what to say at the right time and keep the numbers going up.

In today’s world, the business world is more competitive than ever.

Customers are distracted with all of the technology and offers from different companies.

You need to take advantage of the resources above so you can move fast in your market and boost your sales. Otherwise, you might miss major chances to grow.

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