Leadership in a global economy requires more than local or regional thinking.

Our information and commerce are globally connected. Our greatest human challenges are global and must be resolved globally.

Creating the future

What steps can we take now to become part of the solution? How do we create the world that we imagine for the future?

We are connected by a shared future.

One region’s success is deeply connected to the success of another. Global changes tend to either move us forward or backward – together.

One of the most important steps we can take is to be open and committed to learning. Our learning needs to include globally responsible leadership guidelines, values and best practices.

How can we take advantage of this and be prepared for new opportunities to come?

The following five sites are great resources for learning, reflection and conversation.

5 sites for globally responsible business leadership

Being part of the solution

Together, these sources paint a picture of the future. It’s a future that requires global thinking and action.

A future where business leaders take global responsibility for their decisions and actions, and where we move the metrics on important measures of collective well-being.

How do we get there? We decide to be part of the solution, and use these resources to plan our next steps.

How do you maintain your global focus? I would love to hear your ideas! Just leave them in the comments below.

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