Space data hold immense potential to revolutionize our world, from improving the delivery of healthcare to preventing illegal logging, and enabling AR/VR-powered city planning. The possibilities are infinite. 

How do we do all this? It’s all on the numbers! With roughly 7,000 satellites circling Earth, we have a powerful network of machines constantly scanning our planet. These satellites generate a vast amount of data – hundreds of terabytes every day! The Copernicus Programme alone – Europe’s Earth Observation programme – contributes 16 Terabytes of geodata daily, which is equivalent to a 1.5-year-long film in high definition.

With this huge amount of data, we know what you might be thinking, how do we convert all of this into meaningful products and services? To help answer that question, the European Commission has launched the CASSINI Space Entrepreneurship Initiative. This initiative aims to support entrepreneurship in space-related businesses across the European Union. The initiative is tailored to meet the needs of companies at different growth stages, from seed to mid-caps. Companies developing space technology or marketing digital applications can benefit from the opportunities at hand.

CASSINI Challenges

The CASSINI Challenges is a set of open competitions designed to support entrepreneurs who want to leverage EU space data for commercial success, with a current focus on the themes of the Next Generation, Sustainable Future, and Emerging Technologies.

With the conclusion of the first two tracks, the spotlight is now on the Product Track applicants. This track is the ultimate challenge, awarding the biggest prizes and aiming for the greatest impact. If you have a product ready for commercialization and it uses EU Space data, this is your chance to win €100,000, gain industry exposure, and showcase how your space data-driven solution tackles real-world issues. Apply by 19 April on our platform.

The contest winners will be invited to the CASSINI Entrepreneurship Days. This will be a chance for them to showcase their solutions, meet other teams, network with investors, and connect with the press. The event will take place in Prague from June 3rd to 4th. You can find more information here.

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CASSINI Hackathons and Mentoring

The CASSINI Hackathons & Mentoring Programme consists of a series of hackathons focusing on different themes related to global challenges. The goal is to utilise EU Space technology, data, and services to stimulate the development of new products and services that will benefit Europe. Each edition tackled a new theme and set of challenges across ten different locations in Europe. The top three teams from each hackathon received prizes and 100 hours of expert mentoring to continue developing their solution.

CASSINI Matchmaking

The CASSINI Matchmaking is designed to connect businesses in the space industry. It facilitates communication between startups, scale-ups, SMEs, investors, and corporates. By organising matchmaking events and offering educational resources, CASSINI Matchmaking fosters collaboration and growth within the European space sector. Stay up to date with the all-year-round CASSINI Matchmaking events by visiting the official CASSINI website.

CASSINI Business Accelerator

The CASSINI Business Accelerator is a series of 6-month batches designed to boost European space startups and scaleups’ commercial growth. Through top-level business coaching, training, networking events, and potential seed funding of €75,000, this programme equips companies with the tools to accelerate their business development and sales. The 2024 cohort is currently being selected. Stay on the lookout to see the announcement of the next diverse group of space startups and scaleups.

CASSINI Facility

The CASSINI Facility enables space companies to raise risk capital. It provides capital to Venture Capital (VC) funds to be invested into EU-based companies developing and marketing space technology and digital services using space data. With a €1+ billion boost to space investments, the CASSINI Facility is a game changer for new entrants and up-and-coming enterprises in the space sector seeking to raise capital. Check the list of VC funds and learn more about the opportunities available here.

Don’t miss out! Apply by April 19th, 2024, and join the CASSINI Challenges journey to unlock the potential of space data for a brighter future.

Interested in applying for the CASSINI Challenges? Register your participation by following the registration link and taking the suggested steps.

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