Come to work to prosper, do not come to work to work.

The only thing that comes from hard work and effort is a broken back. There’s a lot of false data that you’ve been living with. One of them is hard work. Focus on prosperity and you’ll get prosperity. Focus on hard work and you’ll get hard work. What you show up for is what you get.

Too many good people that you know work hard and never prosper. The fact is masses of people work hard for those that will prosper. The prosperity thinker ends up prospering and has abundance in their life and the hard worker works for the prosperity thinker. Come to work to prosper.

All decisions that you make in life should be for the greatest good for the most people — and that’s a prospering idea.

All decisions you make should be about prospering, to increasing flow — cash flow, friend flow, business flow, client flow — all activity should be about flow in your life.

Bring the commitment and the decision to have prosperity in all of your affairs. In relationships, business, clients, friends — in all areas, bring prosperity. You get what you focus on. You know that to be true.

Go for prosperity, learn about prosperity, read about how much there is and how little there is. Most people believe that there is a lack. Millions believe that there is not enough to go around. The truth is there is more than enough to go around.

Most people in business worry about the competition underselling themselves. They don’t see prosperity — they don’t see abundance — they worry about the one competitor 10 miles away rather than seeing the limitless abundance in the universe.

So what do they do?

They miss the opportunity and they miss the abundance by focusing on the competition.

Do you know that there is enough money on this planet for every person to have a net worth of a billion dollars? Are you getting yours?

If not, it’s because you think in terms of hard work and limits — not prosperity.

Look at the ocean. It has endless energy, it never stops. Go out there and get as much of it as you want. How many buckets can you take? Will there still be plenty of ocean? Absolutely. Look at the sky. Is there enough sky? See wealth around you, folks.

Look at how much money is in the marketplace.

Count how many people own homes, have cars and buy clothes. See prosperity everywhere you go and have it for yourself. Look at how much life there is around you.

How many relationships do you know that work? Don’t focus on the ones that don’t work. Focus on the prosperity in relationships.

How many people are nice to you every day? How many people cut you off in traffic today — one or two? But how many people didn’t? Hundreds. See the prosperity in your life. Do not look at the limits.

Claim prosperity in your life, it’s there for you. As long as you focus on too little to go around, that’s what you’ll have.

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