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Here are our picks for January 2017.

AlphaGamma Startups Overview:
January 2017

Social Point – Spain

Founders: Horacio Martos and Andrés Bou
Year founded: 2008
Corporate email:

socialpoints alphagamma entrepreneurship

“We know that key to our success are the brilliant minds and the talent of our team players. Our international team is formed by awesome people who are passionate about social games, creativity and pushing the bar.”

Social Point’s reason for being is simple: “Make funny and free social games available to everybody through new technologies.”

Its games, which include Dragon Land and Social Wars, have been downloaded 50 million times, and it currently has two titles in the 
100 top-grossing iPhone games chart in the US.

Since Social Point’s inception, Horacio and Andrés have remained faithful to their original vision of connecting players through social gaming and providing the most enjoyable, immersive playing experience.

Prior to founding Social Point, Andrés and Horacio worked as computer analysts and consultants in the tech sector.

Spain Heygo – Spain

Founders: Nicolas Espinosa
Year founded: 2015
Corporate email:

heygo alphagamma entrepreneurship

Heygo is a free mobile app that allows people to offer and find services provided by individuals. Heygo assumes that any skill and knowledge can be used to help someone who is close to you.

So, Heygo is a simple way to get customers close to them and earn extra money with their passions or with what really are good, for example, take care of pets, teach yoga or repair something.

The application classifies the offer based on proximity, so users always find the person who can help them close.

“Our mission is to help people with expertise to advertise themselves to people nearby, in order to help them to earn some money at the same time. Our aim is for you, whatever your occupation is, to become the entrepreneur you innately are and therefore win customers by doing what you feel passionate about and what you are the best at.”

Fishbrain – Sweden

Founder: Jens Persson
Year founded: 2010
Corporate email:

fishbrain alphagamma entrepreneurship

Fishbrain is an online mobile blogging, photo-sharing and social networking service that enables its users to record data about and take pictures of catches, and share them either publicly or privately on the app, as well as through a variety of other social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr.

Fishbrain is the foursquare of fishing with a unique knowledge collection of fishing spots and catches connected to them.

“We believe that it’s more fun to brag about a catch with people who care about fishing. These people are often called anglers. You may think that’s obvious, being an angler yourself. But on Fishbrain, your catch doesn’t go head-to-head with cats doing backflips, or toddlers feeding chocolate cake to their baby sisters.”

Osper – the UK

Founder: Alick Varma
Year founded: 2012
Corporate email:

ospera alphagamma entrepreneurship

“We have developed a card which has a number of features, most of which are unique to Osper, designed to make spending as safe as possible for under-18s.”

Osper is one of the most secure card products currently available for under-18s across the pre-paid debit card and banking industry.

Children can manage spending with an accompanying smartphone app, and parents can use the app to monitor spending and transfer (or withhold) pocket money.

Founded by Alick Varma in 2012, the company is backed by Horizons Ventures and an array of entrepreneurs, including Samir Desai of Funding Circle

Moni – Finland

Founders: Fernando Saturno, Laurence Aderemi
Year founded: 2014
Corporate email:

moni alphagamma entrepreneurship

Moni is a mobile money transfer platform that enables its users to transfer funds from their bank account directly into that of a recipient.

“MONI is intensely focused on being the fastest, most comprehensive and customer-focused brand in the security industry. We’re rapidly rolling out new customer service and product improvements — like a simpler, faster call center and the industry’s fastest alarm-response technology.”

The app lets a user choose who they want to send money to and then the amount they want to send. The user then puts in their bank details which they can either do manually or by quickly scanning their debit card using their mobile phone’s camera.

The user must then choose how to send the money to the recipient: either to their bank account or to a mobile phone.

If sent to the recipient’s bank account then the sender has to put in the recipient’s bank details. If the money is sent straight to the recipient’s phone, then the receiver can choose which bank account the money will go into and can put in the details him/herself.

The sender is notified by text when the recipient has accepted the transfer and can track the progress of the transfer via the app and by SMS notifications.

Argus – Israel

Founders: Oron Lavi, Ofer Ben Noon, Yaron Galula
Year founded: 2013
Corporate email:

alphagamma entrepreneurship argus

Argus is an automotive cybersecurity pioneer, helping car manufacturers, their Tier 1 suppliers and aftermarket connectivity providers protect connected cars and commercial vehicles from car-hacking.

Founded in 2013 by cyber security experts, Argus solutions combine innovative security methods and proven computer networking know-how with the deep understanding of automotive best practices. Argus’ R&D is based in Tel-Aviv, Israel, with offices in Michigan, the Silicon Valley, Stuttgart and Tokyo.

IRBI – Kazakhstan

Founders: Alim Khamitov, Aibolat Kulatay
Year founded: 2015
Corporate email:

irbi alphagamma entrepreneurship

“Tell Irbi the exact dates of your visit to Almaty and get the personalized tourist guide into your email. Choose the type of tour, download it, and enjoy the city. Let Irbi be your personal tour guide.”

Irbi is a mobile app for Android which includes reference book and audioguide. You can get voice and text description of the sight also the history of a building when you will near it.

The user selects the own language in the list. IRBI is an easy way to discover a new city.

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