Are you a wanderlust soul looking to explore the world while pursuing your academic degree?

Would you like to study in a well-governed country to learn the best practices on how to succeed?

If you answer YES to the above, we found a perfect destination for you, where the education is FREE.

Have you ever wondered, why the Nordic countries are the happiest in the world?

Scandinavia is a land of prosperity. The Nordic countries are ranked the best governed in the world. The government cares for its citizens by providing universal healthcare and free education. It results in a low crime rate and a strong sense of community.

With a healthy work-life balance and the highest Human Development Index scores, Norway is one of the best countries to study and to pursue a career. It also scores high among the Most Peaceful Countries worldwide, and not to mention nature’s wonders nowhere else to be seen.

🇳🇴 Norway: the sustainability hub

Norway is not only an education and welfare leader, but it also puts importance on the country’s sustainability.

Studying in Norway will give you insight into sustainable solutions that you can implement in every aspect of life. Learn from the best and discover the Scandinavian recipe for prosperity!

What makes Norway the sustainability leader?

Experience the Nordic lifestyle in the heart of the fjords

Do you love spending time in nature? How about living close to the sea surrounded by the extraordinary characteristics of the Scandinavian landscape?

Bergen is the second-largest city in Norway, known as “the heart of the fjords”. With its low unemployment rate, thriving economy and high standard of living, it is one of the best European cities for students. During the academic year, Bergen welcomes around 25,000 students.

Are you interested in business and entrepreneurship, and looking to get qualifications that will boost your employability in managerial positions?

Do you aspire to gain skills and knowledge to build a sustainable future?

Here’s your opportunity:

🎓 Study MSc in Economics and Business Administration at NHH and get Scandinavian insight on how to succeed

Deadline: February 15, 2023 23:59 CET
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Eligibility: admission to the MSc programme at NHH requires Higher Education Entrance Qualification and a completed degree comparable to a Norwegian bachelor’s degree, whereof 90 ECTS must be within economics and business administration.
Fees: NHH charges no application or tuition fees
Location: Bergen, Norway

🏆 NHH is a Triple Crown accredited business school and is proud to be on the Financial Times’ list of Europe’s best business schools since 2005.

The Norwegian School of Economics has recently opened an admission period for students applying for the MSc in Economics and Business Administration, starting in mid-August 2023.

NHH is a publicly-funded university, which means that you don’t need to pay tuition fees.

Are you wondering what is the Scandinavian recipe for success and prosperity? Study at NHH Norwegian School of Economics and get Scandinavian insight on how to succeed!

Tailor your degree to your interests by choosing one of nine specialisations

NHH gives you the flexibility of choosing from nine specialisations for an exceptional international experience.

The courses combine theory and practical, real-life cases, which provide you with a solid basis for meeting the needs of future employers.

  1. The major in Accounting will give you competence in financial accounting, non-financial accounting, analysis, valuation, internal control, auditing, tax and corporate law.
  2. The Business Analytics major is suitable for those seeking jobs as analysts, either in companies or as consultants, and in general to all those seeking to complement their business background with analytical skills to succeed in the modern data-driven environment.
  3. The Economics major teaches you the key principles and data analytic skills to analyse economic and social issues.
  4. The Energy, Natural Resources and the Environment major prepare you with knowledge and skills for a career within sectors such as renewable energy, fisheries, aquaculture, shipping, petroleum and environmental management among others.
  5. The Financial Economics major prepares you for a wide range of outstanding career opportunities within the financial services industry, consulting, and management.
  6. The Marketing and Brand Management major is highly relevant for any kind of entrepreneurial activity. It will suit students who want to work in management consulting firms, larger organizations or governmental agencies, as well as the marketing department of private companies or organizations, including positions such as product manager, brand manager, marketing analytics or head of marketing.
  7. The study of Strategy and Management is fundamentally about understanding why some businesses succeed while others do not.
  8. Economic Analysis students typically choose careers in portfolio management, private equity, corporate finance, economic consulting, financial consulting, or government.
  9. The Business Analysis and Performance Management major is well suited for students who wish to work within accounting and finance departments and consulting firms.

Behind each major lies the success stories of its alumni. The majority of NHH students receive a job offer before graduating.

Let’s hear what NHH alumnus, Kristian Fauske, has to say about his major in Energy, Natural Resources and the Environment.

Moreover, as an NHH student, you have excellent opportunities to gain valuable international experience during your studies through:

Focusing on a sustainable business approach

Ranked third greenest country in the world by the Sustainability Magazine, Norway places importance on sustainability. As an NHH student, ethics, responsibility and sustainability will be a part of your learning process.

Sustainability is a key concept in all activities at NHH. The University’s work focuses in particular on the following SDG goals:

  • SDG #4: Quality education
  • SDG #8: Decent work and economic growth
  • SDG #10: Reduced inequalities
  • SDG #12: Responsible consumption and production

Can you imagine yourself living in breathtaking Scandinavia? Do you feel that this program is tailor-made for you?

Don’t miss your chance to get selected for this highly competitive program and apply now!

Let’s hear what NHH alumni have to say

We reached out to two former NHH students – Izabela Hawryłko and Aelon Nicolson – and asked them to share their study experience in Norway.

Why did you choose NHH?

Izabela Hawryłko, Director of Business Development at Omny

When choosing an educational institution for my Master’s degree, I focused on a couple of factors: the quality of education, its ranking and job prospects domestically and internationally. At the time, I was not yet sure which country I would eventually settle down in.

The program focused on Energy, Natural Resources and the Environment interested me the most. Not only because of its uniqueness compared to other Business Administration programs, but it would also allow me to potentially enter a career in the shipping industry. To become a captain on merchant’s vessels was my childhood dream.

Lastly, I was looking for a vibrant student community with a wide variety of extracurricular activities. I enjoyed working and participating in student organizations during my Master’s.

For me, the NHH stands for a combination of high academic standards, rich traditions, and a modern approach toghether with a vibrant and diverse student community. It also has great facilities at its disposal, something one shouldn’t underestimate 🙂

I enjoyed my 1.5 years spent at the NHH and in Bergen a lot. It definitely met my expectations when it comes to the quality of classes, which I found extremely interesting and valuable.

Why did you choose NHH?

Aelon Nicolson, Global Data Specialist at Bloomberg LP

I chose NHH because the school offers an internationally competitive academic setting.

It also has the perfect size to deliver a diverse set of courses, clubs, and services to a tight nit community of local and international students.

My time at NHH was nothing short of amazing. Going from studying on campus to hiking a mountain in less than 20 minutes is something I never thought I would experience. Having the opportunity to attend a school so far from home and make new friends from different countries was truly an invaluable experience.

Prospective students should know that NHH offers so much more than a place to study and pursue their degree. There are fantastic opportunities to make new friends and get involved on campus through academic, athletic, and social impact clubs. My time spent at NHH was some of the best that I have had, and I hope that others will have the opportunity to experience it as well.

Apply now and don’t miss your chance to study in the best country in Europe!

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