Every single noise disrupts your process of thinking, and you cannot remember where you left your keys for the fourth time this week. Sounds familiar?

It seems that our brains tend to shut off after a period of time. Such powerful and complex organs need a fuel of high quality to deliver the top performance, so refill it with some kick starting food.

Whether you want to improve your concentration and memory, or work 100 hours a week like Elon Musk, you might want to use some of the nutrition tips on your way up to the summit. Here are the food hacks that will help your brain working on a fast track.

Forget energy drinks and chocolate bars

Sugar in the form of vending machine snacks such as candy bars is effective, but only for a short moment.

Simple carbohydrates give you a kick, but I assume you’re not an advocate of a short-term solutions. What keeps your energy level high for all day are complex carbohydrates. They are releasing glucose to the brain gradually along with breaking long chains of sugar molecules.

Fruits are great solution. In spite of fuelling the brain, they also contain plenty of vitamins and antioxidants which prevent various diseases, for example berries may reduce the risk of cognitive impairment.

Craving something crunchy?

There are plenty of reasons why we snack, but one thing is true – we all do it (and we love it). Such small temptations may be very beneficial for our brains, but they must be chosen wisely.

There is nothing better to get energy boost than nuts. Fibre, protein and good fats are the best combination included in delicious, crunchy snacks. Another mini power banks for our brain are seeds, which contain a great amount of benign substances recharging the brain and combating stress.

Do you feel anxious because of an approaching deadline? Try to add some sunflower or sesame seeds to your meal, it can work wonders!

Good news for chocolate lovers

The darker the chocolate, the better for the brain.

Having 70% cocoa or higher is praised for containing great load of flavonoids. This compounds are responsible for stimulating the brain, improving memory and reducing the risk of dementia. What is more, caffeine and serotonin will boost your energy and make you feel happier while achieving your peak performance.

But remember – eating the whole bar of sweet, processed milk chocolate or sugary candy bars doesn’t count.

Fat super-foods

Not every low-fat diet is beneficial to our organisms.

Avoiding fats may lead to insomnia, mood swings and lack of concentration. Healthy fats, such as monounsaturated and omega-3 are essential to proper brain functioning, balanced mood and preventing memory loss and diseases such as Alzheimer.

Stay away from processed fats, which can be found in junk, fast food, chips, pastries, instant meals and many more processed products from supermarkets. Choose olive and coconut oil, avocado, peanut butter, oily fish such as wild salmon and tuna as the most common sources of healthy fats.

It’s frustrating when we are sure that our brains are capable of more. Sneaking these products into the diet will not only improve your memory, concentration and work efficiency, but they are beneficial for your health as well. Don’t let anything prevent you from coming up with something game changing.

Eat smart.

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