From Snapchatting party invites to making deposits through clicking pictures of our checks; from ordering pizza by tweeting Emojis to making purchases based on recommendations from our friends; we, the Millennials, have a unique way of employing technology.

How brands can adapt the Millennial mindset

Millennials are by far the largest cohort in history with more than 80 million of us on a globe-trotting, helping generations stand up to oppression & stereotype-busting rampage.

Our consistent thirst for “what’s next” has forced entrepreneurs and corporations to redefine business as an art rather than a science.

The trendsetters

We, Millennials, inherently rely on tech for our day-to-day tasks. Quick to adapt upcoming trends, we are trendsetters and the most in-tune with technology.

Our incessant need to access on-demand knowledge, entertainment, shopping and services has presented a seamless integration of tech into our lives.

The tech-tonic shift

Millennials expect the user-experience to be fluid.

Anything short of user-friendly and we’re quick to move on to the next, better alternative. No second chances.

The innate expectation Millennials have towards an effortless user experience and our uncanny ability to adopt new tech is driving tech makers to design fluid and integrated user experiences with their tech.

Tech makers now are required to not only consider a particular use case for their product or service but also provide flawless multi-platform integration, virality, shareability, ease of communication and that extra “oomph” to keep users glued to their devices right from the get go.

The Instant Gratification

Countless studies have shown that Millennials will be the biggest online audience by 2017 and Millennials will immensely influence the bottom line ROI of tech makers.

A single bad experience with a piece of tech will entice us to take up arms

– read social media, and voice our dismal experience with the tech because we know that fellow Millennials will rally behind us.

Contrarily, a pleasant experience has the potential to turn us into brand advocates or even evangelists. We will take it upon themselves to make sure your tech venture turns into an overnight success.

Millennial expectations

A welcome change is that tech makers and their associated businesses are finally beginning to understand and gain insight into the differently wired millennial mind.

They have begun to understand that the Millennials will not think twice about abandoning a service that is not able to live up to their standards at the drop of a hat. This mindset has motivated tech makers to develop highly intelligent bots and has disrupted other industries with Uber-like services sprouting up.

5 ways you can have Millennials crave your brand:

So what can tech makers do to make sure their tech resonates with one of the most influential demographics in over a century?

  • Because of the on-demand mindset of Millennials, tech makers have to make sure they are available on the channels Millennials expect them to be. Don’t rely only on Facebook alone, explore and be present on their frequently used platforms!
  • Millennials are a generation which expects tech to be adaptive with a short learning curve. Make sure your tech is backed by deep insights about Millennial preferences and mindset.
  • It is crucial for tech makers to understand what Millennials tend to label a “winning tech product”. Study your consumer. Study their habits, preferences, likes and dislikes. Ask them! They love to talk, review and share their opinions!
  • Millennials tend to build relationships. Make sure you generate conversations with them on social channels and deliver an experience that entices them to share your hard work with friends and family.
  • Test, test, test… and then test again! Constantly make changes and improvements. Analysts often say that Facebook has become a global icon only because of its willingness to change and adapt to rapidly changing consumer lifestyles and preferences.

Like every generation, Millennials demonstrate a mixture of generalized and unique traits. Never fear failure.

You never know when something as complex as Pokemon Go or something as simple as Flappy Bird hits the bulls’ eye. Both of these examples are genius in their own light but would be nowhere had it not been for the acceptance offered by Millennials.

What are your thoughts about this topic? What insights about the Millennials do you consider at your organization? Let me know in the comments section below!

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