You need to control your time rather than just haphazardly try to manage it.

Setting priorities and committing to a solution is what makes you boss of your own time. The busier you become, the more you have to manage, control and prioritize.

Although I certainly don’t have some scientific formula that will magically make this easier, I can tell you one thing:

If you start with a commitment to success and then agree to control time, you will create an agenda that accommodates all you want.

You have to decide how you are going to use your time.

You must command, control, and squeeze every second out of it in order to increase your footprint and dominate the marketplace.

Get everyone necessary — your family, colleagues, associates, employees — to recognize and agree upon which priorities are most important.

If you don’t do this, you will have people with different agendas pulling you in all sorts of directions.

My schedule works for me because everyone in my life from my wife to the people who work with me knows what is most important to me and understands how I value time.

This allows us to handle everything else that comes our way.

In our culture, we’re frequently encouraged to “slow down, relax, take it easy, find balance” and just “be happy” with where we are and what we have. Although this can sound great in theory, it can be very difficult for people who abandon every decision to be in control of their lives.

Most people can’t simply “relax and take it easy” because they never do enough to free themselves from the meager existence that comes as a result of mediocre actions.

Work should provide a purpose, a mission, and a sense of accomplishment.

These things are vital to every single person’s mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

People who promote the new age, esoteric advice to “take it slow” are encouraging a mindset that isn’t doing anyone any good.

Consider the types of traits this thinking has created in people: laziness, procrastination, lack of urgency, sloth, tendency to blame others, irresponsibility, entitlement, expecting someone else to solve your problems.

Wake up! No one is going to save you. No one is going to take care of your family or your retirement. No one is going to “make things” work out for you.

The only way to do so is to utilize every moment of every day at 10X levels. This will ensure that you accomplish your goals and dreams.

Happiness, security, confidence, and fulfillment come from utilizing your gifts and energy to achieve whatever you’ve decided success is for you. And it requires every bit of your time, which is yours — and only yours — to control.

If you want to turn your life around, think about what are some of your own time wasters? How much time do you spend on wasteful activities every day (e.g., watching television, smoking, drinking, oversleeping, getting coffee, having lunches or meetings with no business opportunities)?

Get to controlling your time!

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