Deadline: March 1, 2024 23:59 GMT
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Eligibility: innovators aged 18-30 from across the globe are eligible to apply
Location: wherever Deloitte has a presence
Prize: US$50,000 grant

Give yourself a chance to win a US$50,000 grant along with other benefits from Deloitte’s Lead 2030 Challenge for SDG4. 

Join Deloitte on its mission of creating opportunities for underrepresented and marginalized individuals from around the world. By working together you can help accelerate equality in education and decrease the learning gap.

SDG4 is a commitment to “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.” With that in mind, you need to create a solution proposal for your application.

Eligibility for Lead 2030 Challenge for SDG4

This challenge is open to anyone between 18-30 years of age from social enterprises, non-profit or community organizations.

As long as you meet the above-mentioned criteria, you can work on a solution that fits the following requirements:

  • is aligned with SDG4 challenge
  • is readily available, implemented, or scaled
  • has a well-structured time horizon, identified key stakeholders and beneficiaries
  • its proposed outcomes are reasonable and well thought out
  • has a positive social impact such as employment opportunities, or developing skills
  • its impact on society must be measurable
  • must be able to survive efficiently through the resources and donations it attracts
  • has the potential to grow its impact and expand into other regions
  • addresses the root cause of the issue with innovative approaches and technology
  • recognizes existing efforts and opens collaboration with others to accelerate the impact
  • improves quality/access to education and skills training for young people to succeed

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Prize for a winning solution

Provided you create a solution that will win the challenge following things are waiting for you:

  • US$50,000 grant from Deloitte
  • sponsorship to participate in the One Young World Summit 2024
  • 12-month mentorship program from Deloitte’s team of professionals and partners that will work on accelerating your solution based on its needs including business strategy, monitoring, and evaluation

Important dates for the Lead2030 Challenge for SDG4

March 1, 2024: deadline for applications
April 1, 2024 Invitations for interviews
Mid-April 2024: interviews with the candidates
April 15, 2024: confirmation of winners

Inclusive, equitable, and quality education for all is a goal you can help achieve. Apply for the Lead2030 Challenge for SDG4 and become a part of the change.

Interested in applying for the Lead 2030 Challenge for SDG4? Register your participation by following the application link and taking the suggested steps.

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