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Eligibility: candidates with outstanding academic and linguistic potential, as well as the interpersonal skills needed to succeed in the business world.
Location: Lausanne, Switzerland

Would you like to launch your career in the hospitality sector and beyond?

Are you ready to step into leadership roles within international brands that shape the industry’s future?

If you are looking to establish a strong career foundation and gain a competitive advantage in the business world, here is an opportunity for you:

Thrive in the future of business with EHL’s BSc in International Hospitality Management

EHL Hospitality Business School is a world-class institution preparing its students to launch successful ventures and to excel in managerial roles within leading international companies.

Through its globally recognized program, robust alumni network, and international excellence, EHL empowers young leaders to influence the industry’s future. Are you one of them?

Learn from the world’s #1 University in Hospitality and Leisure Management

Renowned for its quality education, EHL Hospitality Business School ranks number one among universities for hospitality management studies and is in the top 5 schools in Switzerland for management and business.

EHL’s Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management doesn’t just focus on hospitality. It unlocks opportunities across industries where customer experience is the key.

By blending hospitality management with key business topics, this degree will equip you with a versatile skill set, empowering you to excel in various sectors.

Among the graduates, 60% pursue their dream jobs in finance, retail, consulting, the luxury industry, and beyond. With the EHL’s Bachelor of Science, you will navigate your international career in diverse sectors with confidence.

Is EHL Hospitality Business School right for you?

Take a short quiz to see if your ambitions match EHL BSc program.

If you are excited about long, solitary study sessions and endless note-taking during lectures, EHL is not a fit for you.

This BSc isn’t a typical degree. Focused on infusing the human touch into business, it prioritizes growing your interpersonal skills and building a robust professional network. Unlike conventional programs, it’s not just about numbers; it’s about people.

For over 125 years, EHL has created the hospitality industry’s most envied university alumni group of 30,000 members from 150 countries. This community stays with you for life, connecting you to resources, opportunities, and a feeling of family wherever you go. See for yourself:

You belong here if you:

  • Like to explore the world and discover new cultures
  • Have a passion for new and exciting experiences
  • Enjoy making people happy with special care
  • Want to make the world a better place
  • Dream of inventing great products or services

And you want to make a successful career from these types of activities.

EHL prepares you for real life like no other educational institution. It has made me ready for success, but also prepared to get rejected 100 times and still stand up to walk again. EHL nurtures us to dream big, telling us that we are the future leaders of the industry, and it has a huge psychological impact.

EHL is a place to truly grow as a person, not just study and leave. I know I wouldn’t have gotten this experience if I had studied anywhere else.

– Minhye CHO, Class of 2022

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Master your skills, grow your network, and enjoy a world-class experience with EHL Hospitality Business School!

Maximise your learning experience through the Swiss dual education model with advanced academics and hands-on experience!

This program was designed to future-proof students and prepare them for the industry of tomorrow by fostering skills such as:

  • Analytical thinking and innovation
  • Active learning and learning strategies
  • Creativity, originality and initiative
  • Critical thinking and analysis
  • Complex problem-solving
  • Leadership and social influence
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Reasoning, problem-solving and ideation

The EHL’s BSc in International Hospitality Management allows you to gain a global perspective and choose your internship locations for additional cultural experiences.

The internships with world-renowned international leaders will empower you to learn from the best. It will enable you to practice your skills and test your knowledge in a real-world business environment.

If you are driven by entrepreneurial spirit and motivated to launch a venture, you can intern in your own start-up project. Devote this time to developing your business, aided by faculty mentors’ support and guidance, setting a course for your success.

In the final semester of your bachelor in hospitality degree, you will have the choice between an individual applied research project and a student consulting project, which is a consulting mandate for a real external client.


EHL is the only Swiss hospitality management school to have USA accreditation (NECHE) and to be recognized as a University of Applied Science by the Swiss government (HES-SO). It also uses the European Credit Transfer System, so your degree will be recognized worldwide.

EHL is ranked #1 by employers

EHL develops career resources and leadership skills to boost your early career prospects and support your personal and professional growth for life.

EHL Hospitality Business School boasts a 96% employment rate among its recent graduates. 55% of them are in senior management positions or above!

Are you ready to launch your international career? Apply for the EHL ‘s Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management here!

Join the Junior Academy to get a glimpse into the vibrant world of EHL Hospitality Business School!

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