I find that people approach me pretty frequently with this question: “Can I pick your brain?”

Free tools to help grow your small business

When you work in data, analytics, marketing and on the web, there is a certain amount of goodwill that is expected because the marketing premium is information.

Sharing that information in blog posts, on websites, in articles is how we (Marketing Technologists) establish our authority on a subject – my forte is Data, Analytics and eMarketing.

I’ve been fortunate to work for companies ranging from large Fortune 500 organizations to small entrepreneurial companies across industries – my pace through those organizations has enabled me to learn new competencies, use the coolest technologies – sometimes free tools, and deploy innovative business practices used today.

So today, I would like to share with you a solid list of essential marketing tools you can use for free. Well nothing beats free, right?

If you are working on building your marketing toolbox and taking your business to the next level, here is my top MarTech solutions worth checking out.

Small business owners are constantly looking for tools to help get the job done at a low cost; and marketing technology is certainly a vital component of a modern company.

While not all technology is right for all companies’ needs, there are a few types of tools that seem to be essential for most start-ups.

It’s remarkable to see how powerful some of the free online tools are. So if you’re not taking advantage of at least a few of these resources, then you are missing out.

To be a game changer in your industry, you need to use new technologies that drive change, you need to be curious and data-driven. And most importantly think strategically and execute fiercely so I believe that merging technology with business acumen will enable you to raise the bar in terms of business growth.

CRM & Marketing Automation ·       Hubspot

·       Zoho

Analytics ·       Google Analytics

·       Google Data Studio

·       R

·       Python

·       Orange

·       Weka

·       Semantria

·       Hubspot Marketing Grader

·       SEOProfiler

Designs and User Experience


·       Canva

·       Pablo

·       Piktochart

·       Make My Persona (by Hubspot)

Social Media ·       Hootsuite

·       CoSchedule

·       Topsy

·       Periscope

·       Sumo

Content Curation ·

·       Storify

Video ·       Magisto

·       Filmora

·       ripl

Agile and Project Management ·       Trello

·       Doodle

·       Remember the Milk

Advertising ·       Google my business

·       Yelp

·       FourSquare

Blogging ·       WordPress
Email Marketing ·       MailChimp
Customer Experience ·       SurveyMonkey

·       Google Forms

·       Trustpilot

Accounting ·       Freshbooks

·       Mint

Messaging and Video Conferencing ·       Skype

·       Slack

·       Glitp


·       Sococo


Images ·       Pixabay


·       Unsplash

Storage ·       Google Drive

·       Dropbox

LeadGen ·       Hunter

·       ONTRApages

These tools cover a variety of topics but almost every startup probably uses their services in some way. It’s no one tool.

It’s a matter of how you make various tools work in orchestration. These are my top solutions, which ones are yours? Let me know what tools you use in the comments below.

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