Deadline: November 30, 2019 23:59 CET| Apply here
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Starting date: February 10, 2020
Eligibility: Current students and recently graduated young professionals from around the world who are interested in innovation, finance or business
Frankfurt, Germany
Costs: The organizers will provide all successful candidates with an allowance to cover all travel and housing expenses in Germany
Official website:

Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset? Do you enjoy working on new ideas? Do you want to work with the biggest bank in Germany to redefine banking?

Then apply for The Mission II: “Banking – Be Green”!

What is FUTURY exactly?

FUTURY is an innovation and company-building platform that is on a mission to connect young and gifted students and professionals – like yourself – with companies that seek to reinvent themselves.

Through a series of 12 projects, which are called “The Missions”, FUTURY wants to bring sustainability into the world of business.

The projects involve a broad variety of themes and industries. The Mission I, titled “Waste – Be Circular”, involved 5 outstanding teams who are currently working on different solutions to the problem of plastic waste in the food industry.

This time, FUTURY invites you to apply for “The Mission II: Banking – Be Green!” and reinvent banking by making it greener and more sustainable. You will be collaborating together with the decision makers of the biggest bank in Germany – Deutsche Bank.

“Banking – Be Green!” is going to last 3 months, during which you will be able to identify market gaps in the banking industry, review the current ways of how Deutsche Bank is doing business, and what kind of innovation can improve the bottom-line of the business and make it more sustainable.

The Mission II defines 9 different areas that are relevant to customers because they interact with banks directly or indirectly. Namely, these are Education, Mobility, Communication, Housing, ConsumptionLeisure, Food, Retirement, and Health.

Clients approach banks for solutions at different stages of their lives and at times when they have a pressing need to solve problems in any of these related aspects.

For you, this means a massive playground to come up with new ideas and solutions in the form of a new product, service or operational improvement that Deutsche Bank could offer to its clients.

What is it like to be a part of the Mission?

Once you submit your application by the deadline (November 30, 2019) and successfully make it through the selection process, the project then kicks off in February 2020.

You will then be matched with other candidates to work on your innovative solution. You can either apply with your friends or ask FUTURY to put you together with other participants who will complement your skills, drive and business ideas.

For the entire duration of the project, you will be relocated to Frankfurt to work in a co-working space based right next to the Deutsche Bank Headquarters.

During the three months of the program, your idea gets further developed with the support of FUTURY. The final result will be a viable and innovative solution for Deutsche Bank.

The Mission II organizers will provide you with intensive support from experts and renowned coaches as well as with a direct access to all the project’s corporate partners. A broad variety of workshops and several training sessions will help you further with improving your project and your personal skills. Moreover, consultants from Bain & Company will provide you with support in strategic planning and innovation management.

If you are still a student, this is a great opportunity for you to see whether you would enjoy starting a career in a global corporation, working with a small yet impactful team or going solo by being self-employed.

Participating in “Banking – Be Green!” will also help you find the best career path for you.

What will you get?

The Mission II at FUTURY offers a generous and well-rounded package for selected change-makers:

  • Work 3 months (full-time) in a co-working space in Frankfurt
  • Intensive mentoring by experts and renowned coaches
  • Get direct access to all project and corporate partners
  • Workshops and training curriculum to provide all necessary skills
  • Monthly financial support for you and your idea

Excited? Then apply for The Mission II at FUTURY and define the future of green and sustainable banking!

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