In recent years, the Internet of Things has become one of the hottest topics worldwide.

GSA estimates that by 2022, around 18 billion out of 29 billion connected devices will be related to IoT.

According to Business Insider, the IoT market has the potential to grow to over $2.4 trillion annually by 2027.

And already over 60% of organizations currently use IoT, with only 9% of them currently having none at all, states Impact.

How do you stay ahead with so much going on in this area? How do you follow all the relevant industry trends? 

Keep on reading. 😊

For years, Europe’s Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Galileo has been inspiring creators to develop new solutions that would make our lives better.

Are you curious to see how European startups used this technology in their enhanced human and Internet of Things ideas and innovative mobile applications?

💡 Let us introduce you to the¬†Galileo-powered solutions that will disrupt the future

Out of the brightest solutions presented by European entrepreneurs and innovators on the MyGalileoSolution competition, we picked a handful of startups that will pitch for¬†a pool of almost ‚ā¨ 1.5 million in funding.

We listed them in alphabetical order. Which one will be your pick?

1️⃣¬†ARGIS¬†is a¬†solution revolutionizing underground water utilities management.

The combination of high precision GNSS Galileo positioning with the power of Augmented Reality is revolutionizing traditional planning, operation, maintenance, on-site inspection, fault management and decision-making.

2️⃣¬†BeeLive: Representing the Crisis & Emergency response area,¬†BeeLive was born to connect and support beekeepers in times of lockdown.

BeeLive is powered by GNSS-enabled devices, satellite data and the beekeepers’ community, which will contribute to the strengthening of the apiculture industry and the transition from amateur beekeeping to smart beekeeping.

3️⃣¬†What about shopping together with friends for less?¬†Bulkify¬†allows you to club together with friends and neighbours to access amazing food at discounted prices.

It connects you directly with specialized farmers, producers and wholesalers whose products you won’t normally find in supermarkets.

This innovative app uses geo-location algorithms that group nearby customer orders and delivers in bulk to local pick-up points.

4️⃣ DRIVEonLANE is an¬†innovative and novel solution contributing to Smart transport for the Green Deal area.

Powered by Galileo, the app¬†monitors and awards driving behaviour contributing to a real ‚ÄúZero Vision‚ÄĚ principle in the urban environment.

It will be installed in car consoles tracking the lane driving behaviour and implement a system of rewards providing benefits on the insurance policy.

5️⃣¬†Safety Areas Mapping (SAM) offers a solution for situations requiring a quick and precise mapping of a chemical or polluting hazard.

It leverages inertial and dual-frequency Galileo signals to rapidly and automatically produce risk areas maps, both indoors and outdoors, without any prior installation. It supports natural or industrial crisis management.

6️⃣¬†Sentrisense¬†uses high precision GNSS localization to understand the movement of the power lines.

By rapidly detecting damage due to weather events, accumulation of ice deposits, mechanical failures as well as natural wear and tear, Sentrisense enables power distribution companies to fix problems before any service interruption occurs.

7️⃣¬†Are you looking to move into a perfect apartment? Let Syte, your intelligent real-estate assistant take care of discovering and monitoring new properties anywhere in the world for you.

Powered by two European satellite constellations Galileo and Copernicus, Syte delivers unprecedented insight into newly-built properties allowing you to save money and maximise the return on investment.

8️⃣¬†TreeBook is an interactive tree inventory solution focused on communicating tree species, maintenance decisions, biodiversity scores to the stakeholders of green infrastructure.

By using Galileo, TreeBook is accurately recording tree location for precise tree records to be used by arborists, researchers and the public.

9️⃣¬†Unmanned Life¬†is the world‚Äôs first AI-driven Autonomy-as-a-Service platform for seamless orchestration of autonomous robotics.

💡 Feeling inspired by the solutions? We invite you to watch the listed startups, as well as 41 other finalists,¬†pitching their brilliant projects for ‚ā¨1,5M in funding!

Register now for free and meet the masterminds behind these innovative projects on March 2 at the virtual Entrepreneurship Day competing in the #MyGalileoSolution finals.

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