Here is the world´s first Snapdeal.

Wonderloop, the world’s first video profile platform, might be the first company to be funded over Snapchat.

As a founder when raising finance, you would ask “what investors do I know?” and you go through your business cards and contacts. When following Evan Luthra on Snapchat and he was following me, I snapped him back a pitch to invest in Wonderloop.

And he did.

The whole deal was done via the Snapchat chat, too. The only thing that was sent via email was the terms sheet. Evan even sent his email address on Snapchat so I could send him the contract.

We have raised capital from several investors recently, which is normal without us making it public. But Evan has 120 000 followers and his post about our deal has gotten thousands of likes. Therefore I thought I might as well close the deal by asking for funding in the most unconventional way to date.

Snapchat is a great way to follow people´s work (my username: hannaaase83) and keep your contacts – including investors – in the loop of what you are doing.

I only use the application when I’m around and about, and not when in office for weeks at a time as then I haven´t had that much entertaining things to post. This week was exceptional, however, as I was one of the speakers at the World Economic Forum in Russia so there were plenty insights to “snap about” from both the conference and a beautiful place like St.Petersburg. 

Wonderloop might be the first early stage company to raise funding on Snapchat, and Evan Luthra (Snapchat: evanluthra) might be the first investor to not be afraid of using a new technology for communication and investing by closing a deal via Snapchat. This is exactly the type of an investor a company working on getting one billion people on a video-profile needs.

Building a company is rarely about the money; it is more about innovation and talented people who work with you along on your entrepreneurial journey.


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