Attracting your ideal clients and opportunities with Twitter

Things we hear a lot:

– “Twitter is dead”
– “Twitter doesn’t work for lead generation”
– “Twitter is all bots (automated engagement and like bots)”

Instead of looking at all of those as something that would work against you, make it work for you!

Here’s a list of what I have achieved for my clients and myself with the help of Twitter:

– Got my client a 10K speaking gig half-way across the world.
– Secured a 1K monthly retainer client.
– Got recruited as a contributing writer.
– Sold-out a local workshop.
– Got local press contact one of my clients for a feature.
– Network marketer client grew her team by 60 in under 2 months (by more than that, this is solely the Twitter numbers.)

All of this was achieved thanks to Twitter visibility. Here’s is how we did it:

Don’t use Twitter bots. If you use a program such as to generate curated content and manage your Twitter, that’s great! But please, please, please DO NOT use it to send automated DM’s (Private messages.) Set time aside to send meaningful welcome messages to new connections.

Create Twitter lists with individuals and companies. Add those Twitter accounts that are in your target market and then engage with them. This makes it easy to sort who you want to engage with. I keep those lists private and name them with the following format:

Prospective clients [date]
Prospective clients [date]

By dating them I know who I need to engage with first.

Twitter only grows if you want it to grow. So engage with your followers A LOT by reTweeting and commenting on other people’s content that you find interesting! I research various posts by using trending hashtags and engage away!

Follow-up. If you send direct messages on Twitter, this is no different than cold emails, you need to follow up in order to increase your chances of getting a response.

Use Twitter for social listening. With Twitter, you can research trending topics and/or hashtags related to your industry.

For example, if you are a network marketer, you can research hashtags such as #beautyblogger #beautyroutine etc and interject conversations on the subject by sharing helpful tips. You are making yourself known without sounding too salesy.

Optimize your bio with a lead magnet. You can directly leave the link and/or use a program such as to add multiple links so that you can always play around with your CTA.

Last but not least, your Twitter banner should give your audience a glimpse of whom you are and what you can do for them.

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