Deadline: August 31, 2024 23:59 CEST | Apply here
Eligibility: innovators with viable and impactful solutions to water pollution

Do you have a high-potential solution to prevent water pollution and reduce the environmental impacts of contaminated water? Are you looking for targeted support? This opportunity gives you a chance to gain support in programming, technical, and business matters as well as a prize of CHF 175,000.

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Aquapreneur Innovation Initiative

Water is a fundamental component of life, crucial for sustaining both human existence and biodiversity. Despite its significance, water pollution remains a severe global challenge.

This five-year program aims to discover and implement groundbreaking solutions to conserve and restore freshwater ecosystems. It does so in the hopes of a better quality of water for future generations.

To address the harmful impacts of polluted water, proposed solutions should aim to:

  • Prevent pollutants from entering water sources;
  • Treat polluted industrial water before it is released into the environment;
  • Strengthen public water and wastewater treatment systems;
  • Provide affordable and effective technological solutions for households.

Selection Criteria

The initiative evaluates solutions based on three main criteria:

  • Business Viability, including financial viability, risk management, and product-market fit;
  • Intention to Deliver Impact by Sustainable and Cross-Sectoral Impact and Impact Measurement and Verification;
  • Solution Novelty and Replicability

Benefits for selected Top Innovators

Up to 10 winning submissions will be recognized as Top Innovators and join the UpLink Innovation Ecosystem. Benefits of the Aquapreneur Innovation Initiative include:

  • Participation in World Economic Forum, partner-led events, and projects.
  • Global exposure through Forum and UpLink’s digital channels.
  • Strategic introductions to organizations within the Forum’s and UpLink’s network.
  • Targeted support, which includes technical, business, and operational programming and support. 
  • Each Top Innovator is eligible to receive CHF 175,000, from a total fund of CHF 1.75 million, generously provided by HCL.

Interested in applying for the Aquapreneur Innovation Initiative? Register your participation by following the registration link and taking the suggested steps.


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