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Eligibility: international students holding a bachelor’s degree
Location: Waterloo, Canada

Are you passionate about entrepreneurship, business, finance, or economics? Do you aspire to build an international career in these fields?

Would you like to live and study in a global tech hub with excellent career prospects and support for founders?

If yes, this opportunity is for you:

Get your Master’s Degree at the Lazaridis School of Business and Economics and launch your international career

Lazaridis School of Business and Economics empowers its students to succeed in the business world. By providing skills and practical knowledge, it serves as a launchpad to an international career.

Join the inspiring community of students from all over the world and kickstart your professional journey at Laurier University! See for yourself:

Excel in your career with one of the Master’s Degrees accredited by AACSB!

Learn from the best! Wilfrid Laurier University top-quality business programs are accredited by AACSB.

Lazaridis’s Master’s program formats were designed for students looking for full-time studies, a degree co-op program, or to pursue a degree part-time. This flexibility enables the adjustment of the studying pace to accommodate the busy lifestyles of modern entrepreneurs.

Grab your chance to become part of one of Canada’s largest internationally accredited business schools built on a reputation of industry-leading research, award-winning, dedicated faculty, and a superior student experience.

You can earn each of these degrees in just 12 months! Are you ready to launch your entrepreneurial journey? Choose from six paths:

Master of Business Administration

Would you like to know more about the MBA program? Join the online info session with Lazaridis expert on October 31.

Since 1976, the Lazaridis MBA program has been delivering an innovative, world-class professional business education.

Is this program for you? See the video:

With your MBA degree, you will be equipped with the skills you need to launch your own business or take on leadership roles, with the average salary ranging between CAD 99,000 and 113,000 yearly.

Master of Finance

The Master of Finance degree has been named the “must-have degree” by the Financial Times. With this degree, you’ll acquire the essential skills and knowledge to excel in the financial industry, opening doors to lucrative careers:

  • Investment Banker with an annual salary of CA$148,763
  • Equity Research Analyst earning CA$129,075
  • Portfolio Manager with earnings around CA$137,343
  • Wealth Manager with a typical salary of CA$79,810
  • Actuary earning an average of CA$130,605
  • Financial Planner with an annual salary of CA$90,640

Master of Arts in Business Economics

Are you ready to kickstart your career as a professional economist in the private or public sector? The successful combination of business economics with training in economic theory, quantitative methods, and applied research will give you a top-notch education and a competitive edge in today’s job market.

Our MABE program combines an academically rigorous curriculum with a hands-on approach. A co-op option provides students with professional experience to complement the in-class training.

– Wing Chan, program director

Graduates of this program pursue successful careers in economic policy analysis, economic forecasting, industry and market studies, financial markets and institutions, strategic planning, and public policy.

Recent graduates have been employed by large and respected organizations, including the Bank of Canada, Bank of Montreal, Deloitte & Touche, Dun & Bradstreet, Federal Express, Ministry of Finance, and more.

Want to learn more about the graduate study programs at Lazaridis School of Economics and Business? Connect with a graduate recruitment officer and schedule a one-on-one pre-application consultation.

Master of Science in Management Analytics

Launch your career as a manager and fulfill your ambitions in designing, leading, and implementing data-driven projects.

This program will give you the necessary skills to thrive in the fast-paced world. You will get a deep understanding of data that will allow you to make business decisions with confidence.

Canada faces a shortage of skilled data and analytics professionals. Business analytics experts are currently ranked as the second most sought-after professionals in the job market.

For entry-level positions in this field, the starting salary is CA$97,471 per year, while most experienced workers make up to CA$152,875 annually.

Graduate Diploma in Accounting

The Lazaridis School of Business and Economics Graduate Diploma in Accounting builds upon your undergraduate accounting program and provides a structured and comprehensive path for those working toward the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation.

This program prepares you to complete the Common Final Examination (CFE). Upon completion of the program, you will enter the CPA’s Professional Education Program (PEP) at Capstone 1, thereby bypassing the first four modules of the PEP.

The starting salary for a Chartered Professional Accountant in Canada is CA$87,000, with the highest paying jobs as lucrative as C$250,000!

Master of Science in Management

The Master of Science in Management degree with a Marketing focus is designed for students who want to pursue a Ph.D. with the ultimate goal of being a scholar or seeking a research-based career in industry. MSc graduates can apply for an advanced standing in Lazaridis’ PhD program.

The program provides foundational training in research methods relevant to analysis in scholarship or market research. In addition, the program offers rigorous scholarly training in core marketing fields such as marketing strategy, consumer behavior, service & relationship marketing, and branding.

Not sure which degree will allow you to fully develop your potential? Schedule a free one-on-one consultation with the expert at Lazaridis School of Business and Economics to help you make the best decision.

Get relevant experience while pursuing your degree

Laurier University actively promotes experiential learning and entrepreneurship among its students. While pursuing your degree, you’ll have the opportunity to gain practical experience and even launch your own venture, all with the guidance and mentorship of industry experts.

Here’s a glimpse of the students’ achievements:

Moreover, the school hosts its flagship Lazaridis International Case Conference, offering its students a platform to network with peers from across the globe.

Studying at Lazaridis School of Business and Economics will not only give you a degree but also relevant experience, a network of industry professionals, and a solid foundation for a successful career in the world of business and economics.

Thrive in the tech talent hub of Waterloo

In recent years, the Canadian province of Ontario has solidified its reputation as the Silicon Valley North with its thriving tech industry, a highly skilled workforce, and substantial investments in innovation.

Waterloo is recognised as this year’s Tech Talent Leader in the 2023 Metro Rankings Report.

Being a key part of the Toronto-Waterloo Corridor, it allows entrepreneurs to benefit from a thriving ecosystem fueled by proximity to major markets, extensive research and innovation support, robust investment opportunities, and an exceptional quality of life.

Beyond business, Waterloo provides an excellent quality of life with affordable living costs, cultural amenities, and recreational activities, making it a great place for entrepreneurs to live and work.

Are you ready to launch your career in the tech hub of Canada? Which Master’s Degree at Lazaridis School of Business and Economics are you going to apply for? Let us know in the comments!

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