Salesforce development bootcamp:
The most important tactical business initiative

Every year, businesses allocate both attention and resources for Salesforce development, and one of the most tactical business initiatives is the Salesforce Development bootcamp.

A lot of designing, planning and implementation go into structuring the course. Yet, it is also one of the most anticipated by sales staff.

Designing, planning and implementing the Salesforce Development bootcamp

There are several major steps in designing the most comprehensive and value-adding bootcamp to reinforce strengths in Salesforce development. These include:

  • Timing
  • Content
  • Programming
  • Goals

The timing of the bootcamp should be considered carefully, as the busiest sales phases are likely not to be beneficial to the salesforce or business owner. Instead, choose to have the bootcamp at a point in the year when your salesforce is not as preoccupied with its day-to-day sales work.

Designing the bootcamp content

Perhaps nothing can be as significant in achieving the desired results as choosing effective content for the bootcamp. Businesses can adopt the methodology that celebrities use: make the bootcamp opening capture and hold attention.

However, while the introduction of the bootcamp content is important, it should be followed by solid sales strategies, useful to both entry level and experienced members of the salesforce.

The close of the bootcamp should be as spectacular as the opening, and allow for open interface between sales managers and sales staff.


Few salesforce development bootcamps can be effective without supporting programs presented by successful sales experts.

The objective of the bootcamp is salesforce development. Therefore, the spotlight should be reserved for sales professionals from within the business as well as top sales pros from the outside. What’s more, programs should stress the need for sales team coordination, too.

Bootcamp Goals

The design, planning and implementation of the bootcamp for the purpose of salesforce development should have a specific goal.

For example, to comprehensively develop a salesforce, it is necessary to create an understanding of customer relationship management (CRM) skills and how they relate to the individual sales staff.

Salesforce development also includes attention to detail, teamwork, refining organizational skills and the carefully crafted documentation of sales data.

Salesforce development “before and after”

The best metric for whether the bootcamp has been successful and has resulted in actual salesforce development is “before and after” calculations used to determine the success rate of the sales staff.

Salesforce development community (SFDC)

Sales professionals recognize the collaborative importance of SFDC as part of the development of their salesforce. This is especially true with the continuous evolution of technology such as cloud computing.

Interaction within the SFDC helps entry level members of the salesforce develop mentor-protégée relationships that heavily influence their sales skills. In addition, the salesforce develops networking skills and an ability to increase their sales education off campus and on.

Salesforce’s anticipation of bootcamp

In order for the salesforce to become enthusiastic about the bootcamp, management needs to focus on the “development” aspect of bootcamp presentations as soon as final arrangements have been completed for the event.

Introduce salesforce attendees to SFDC through pre-bootcamp attendance at other bootcamp-related events. Be creative and suggest the salesforce keep records of their attendance at bootcamps outside of the business bootcamp event, and during the interim of the company bootcamp.

This goes a long way to aiding the salesforce in documenting variables in each bootcamp event they attend.

Reinforce salesforce development

In order for the bootcamp to be truly effective, the salesforce needs regular reinforcement. This can be done through periodic mini bootcamps accessible online.

Mini bootcamps keep much of the content of the company bootcamp vibrant and proactive. It also helps ensure that the salesforce remains cognizant of strategies that have aided their sales development.

From novice to pro – bootcamp developments

The basis of the bootcamp isn’t just to teach sales staff how to develop their skills and strengths. It also serves as an aid to raising staff’s awareness of flaws in their sales styles, and avoiding customer rejection.

Most of all, the bootcamp is a training ground for the ideals of sales development that creates sales stars. From novice to pro, the bootcamp has a proven track record of sales development.

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