Dates: August 23-24, 2023| Register here
Prices: starting from EUR 85,-
Location: Turku, Finland

SHIFT Business Festival 2023

SHIFT brings together growth-oriented businesses to set their eyes on the future. Gain insights, networks, and tools to create your future-ready business.

A festival for people and innovations, not a conference!

SHIFT is built to bring change-oriented people and businesses together to network, learn, and get inspired. This event calls you to define what the future brings for your business but also to re-think how your business can impact the future.

7 reasons to attend

SHIFT Business Festival is the highlight of this year, and exactly what it says – a two-day inspirational and fun festival with insightful business content, music, art and matchmaking.

  1. Effective 1 to 1 matchmaking with Brella
  2. Informal networking in a relaxed festival atmosphere
  3. Interesting companies showcasing their solutions
  4. Thought-provoking keynotes
  5. Interactive workshops
  6. Music and art for inspiration
  7. Epic after party with live music


  • Future-readiness
    What do you and your business need to stay relevant and ahead of the game?
  • Responsible growth
    Growth should not be generated at any cost. Do it responsibly, and both the planet and your business will flourish.
  • Disruptive technologies
    Disruptive technologies not only accelerate change, they create it. Stay up to date and secure your spot be at the forefront of innovation.

Interested in attending the SHIFT Business Festival 2023? Register your participation by following the application link and taking the suggested steps.

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