You still don’t know what underdog branding is about? In this article, I will not only explain the concept, but also the benefit it can carry to your sales. Don’t miss it.

What is underdog marketing one might ask?

Underdog marketing uses the tale of rags to riches, Cinderella and her story that caught our hearts in the Disney film.

This strategy has the motive of engaging with the audience. Underdog branding is used to capture our attention and convert us into loyal followers of the brand such as Disney.

Where does this branding actually exist?

Let us take this into the physical world.

Underdogs, bleak future reeking in failure like Richard Branson’s and overcoming it challenging the titans of the marketing world.

They give us this narrative to believe in; this piece of the story that consumers can relate to and follow whether its a book or a brand.

Narratives overcoming hardships in life and watching other’s success help us build our own self-efficacy and show us we can conquer the problems we have now.

Why this branding matters?

Studies have shown that underdog stories can build self-efficacy and using that growth in the consumer base, can help improve the “difficult economic and social realities”.

Creating a brand in an attempt to appeal to consumers using underdog branding evokes deep emotions in these individuals, and provides them a company that feels the same way they do.

Underdog campaigns exist with two major factors. The first being the underdog’s external environment being completely negative and putting them at a disadvantage, and the second being the internal characteristics of the underdog being largely positive ones showing him/her persevere through the adversity of their challenges.

Building a narrative in a brand like this causes consumers going through hardships in life to identify with and purchase at a higher rate with these companies.

What can happen with underdog branding?

The upsides of this branding result in the evocation of emotions and garnishing of a following.

Being an underdog is standing beside your narrative; losing track of that essence of the brand can cause the consumers stop following you.

The authenticity of a narrative truly can make a brand, and for Apple this was the story that started out of their garage.

This reminder of Apple’s overcoming its hardships is what reminds consumers where they came from personally and, relating their creative product to the hardships they overcame personally, drafts a loyal consumer base.

Is this a good branding technique?

This marketing style is normally used for up and coming businesses; fighting for a piece of the market is not easy, and by relating to the everyday man or woman, they can steal away consumers.

The belief that if you work hard enough at something that it can be overcome, is one that the American society is built off of; the construction of a brand based on this ideology is why this method exists.

Overall, this branding technique is effective; in the proper hands, deviating from marketing norms can skyrocket a brand simply by appealing to consumers needs.

What do you think? Have you seen yourself drawn to such marketing tactics? Have you used them in your organization or project before? Let me know in the comments below.

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