You put a lot of energy into driving traffic to your website. Maybe it’s creating a weekly blog, checking whether your pages are optimised for SEO, or linking to it from your emails and social media platforms.

But what happens once they arrive?

What do you want your visitors to see and do when they land on your website?

And what do you want them to accomplish whilst on your website?

It might be to buy a product, book a table or schedule a consultation.

You need to think strategically about these questions to maximise the value that your website delivers for your business. In other words, how does your website help you accomplish your business objectives? One of the key things to think about here is the call to actions you use. Are the call to actions on your website aligned with your business objectives?

For example, if the primary goal of your website is to drive sales on your online store, your primary call to action might be ‘buy now’. Make sure your call to action is highly visible and the phrasing is clear and concise to avoid confusion.

But to succeed, you also need to flip this around and see things from the visitor’s perspective. You want visitors to meet their goals too, right?

Here, it is helpful to think about the customer journey. In a given month, you’ll attract many visitors to your website. But they are likely to be at different stages of the customer journey.

Many people who visit your website will have already met you or come to your website through referrals or recommendations. Some of them might be ready to work with you right now. You need to provide a clear path for these people on your website. What’s the path for someone to work with you? Do you offer an initial consultation to see if you are a good fit? Do people enquire through a contact form? Or do they buy directly on the site? Whatever it is, make sure the opportunity is clear and highly visible.

You also need to think about the amount of information you provide when inviting them to take this action. Do they have the information they need to take these next steps? For example, if you want them to buy on the website, do you have detailed product specifications, comparison tables, reviews, terms and conditions, and an option to chat with someone if they are not sure about something. Read more about irresistible bottom of the funnel content that will draw your ideal customer closer to purchase.

We’ve talked about visitors who are further along in the customer journey. But what about first time visitors to your website who don’t yet know you? Put yourself in their shoes. What are they typically looking for? They might be looking for guidance, inspiration, hope, or something else. How easy is it for visitors to your website to find what they need or want? Is there enough information available on the website for visitors to accomplish what they need?

First-time visitors might not be ready to buy yet. You need to build a relationship and trust with them first. You need to provide them with the information they are looking for and an opportunity to stay in contact. One way is to offer valuable content in the form of a blog (or perhaps a vlog or podcast) where you provide guidance to inform and educate your audience around your subject matter.

You can also give them an opportunity to stay updated through signing up to your mailing list or ‘newsletter’ — though try to pick a more appealing name to attract people to join. This could be a great option for a secondary call to action on your website. In this regular content, you can provide guidance and tips as well as educate people about why they need your product or service, and why they need you specifically over another provider.

Want to learn more about creating a smooth customer journey on your website? Read all about it in this article.

So, what’s the main thing you want visitors to do on your website? Is it aligned with your business objectives? Let me know in the comments.

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