Writing can free the mind of its toxicity

I love writing! When I started to write, I only wrote because I was in pain or angry.

I would sit down with my pen and journal and go into a writing craze.

After I would finish with the million explanation points revealing a very detailed narrative of all that had taken place that day, I felt a sense of ease.

It was simply therapeutic but I was unaware of it at the time. Today, I know the impact of the mighty pen. I am in awe of the power we possess as writers.

Sometimes opening yourself up to share and express what you feel inside can be intimidating and frightening.

My motives are what keep me scribing.  I believe it is the “why” that inspires me to push past intimidation and fear of expressing what I feel inside.

Writing is informative, healing, subjective, and objective. In the body of written works, we can find power.

The ability to empower individuals to move away from hopelessness, pain, defeat, agony, and abuse is all worth the scary feelings that can come with sharing your written piece with the world.

This is why I write!

If you are a writer, you have a story to share, words of encouragement to give, and the unique gift of being able to create a world of your own, then you have the power to move your readers with your thoughts and pen.

To give birth to a written body of work is such a marvelous accomplishment.

The mental therapy that comes from expressing and releasing emotions can set the soul free.

If you are a writer, be encouraged to write and express what you feel. Be open to being vulnerable!

 “Writing was our way of pouring out. We poured out our disappointment, hurt, and grief. But we also poured out our success, happiness, and joy” — La Tonja Brown

Do you also find writing as a way of relieving your inner emotions? Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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