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Eligibility: Applicants from any country are eligible to apply
September 16-18, 2015
Costs: €75 for students; €129 for young professionals; €249 for professionals
 Rheingaustrasse 70, Oestrich-Winkel, Germany

The EBS Symposium is the largest student organised economic congress in the German-speaking area. For 3 days, the EBS campus is transformed into a platform for an exchange of thoughts and ideas between students and economic leaders.

In doing so, new approaches for the challenges of tomorrow are developed. The congress is divided into 4 different parts: speeches, panel discussions, workshops and the Recruiting Fair. Furthermore, the Innovation Fair offers opportunities for individuals to to network and exchange ideas.

Around 50 well-known and high-caliber professionals from politics, business and social organizations discuss relevant issues. More than 1000 selected students, graduates and young professionals from Germany and abroad take part in the event.

26th EBS Symposium: Digital Darwinism – Innovate the Game

“Digital Darwinism – Innovate the Game!” captures the spirit of time and describes one of the most important trends of the 21st century.

The trend forces companies to commit to new digital fields of competition. With respect to the Darwin‘s Theory, which states that one must adapt in order to survive.

The digital era brings both opportunities and risks. ,,Innovate the Game!” is not a classical approach, but describes developments such as social media platforms, that make fundamental changes to the way of communication and advertisement. Those who do not move with the times and who neglect innovation, lose. It is not only technology companies or start-ups that are confronted with this specific issue. Industry, retail, banks and financial services, which have to compete against online businesses, are facing even greater challenges. The “Game” is thus opened, but who stands out as the winner? What opportunities do businesses have in modern times to influence the development of innovation in their favour?

The conference consists of the following formats:


In order to give the participants a more practical insight into a firm, the EBS Symposium offers various interactive workshops lead by business representatives of very well-known companies. Our cooperation partners enable students to work on unique projects in order to immerse themselves into the individual culture of a company.


High-profile speakers with various backgrounds are holding interesting and inspiring speeches and are participating in discussions concerning relevant topics in context of questions from the audience.

Panel Discussions

Discussion panels create a unique atmosphere which foster dialogue and sharing of thoughts. Students as well as young professionals are encouraged to reflect on the panels critically by asking unbiased questions. A completely new spectrum of knowledge arises not only for those young talents but also for the speakers.

Innovation Fair

The future of the economy is determined by innovation. Thus, making the Innovation Fair a great opportunity for participants to get inspired by new ideas and both visio¬nary and visual thinking. Participants are able to get in touch with innovative, high profile companies and be inspired by start-ups. Not only future developments will be presented, but also creative products for our everyday life can be explored and tested directly at our innovation fair.

Recruiting Fair

The Recruiting Fair provides the opportunity to get in touch with many different excellent companies. In a unique atmosphere, the students can contact the respective representatives of the companies and ask their individual questions about internship opportunities, trainee programs or their potential future careers.

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