Dates: February 5-6, 2020 | Register here
Prices: starting from EUR 369,-
Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Artcic15 2020

Arctic15 success formula is being brought to Stockholm to create something new and fresh. Mixing Swedish growth companies and investors with their international counterparts to facilitate new DEALS to happen. It is efficient and worth your time.

Arctic15 is known for effective networking, and Stockholm deserves nothing less

Join Arctic15 in Stockholm for the exciting two days of action, friendship and participation. Connect with movers and shakers of the Nordic tech ecosystem and experience Stockholm business scene in a new way!

Why attend?

Going to events in itself is no big deal. Making the most out of the opportunity is. You have to be prepared in advance and take action on the spot to maximize your ROI.

Be efficient, set up the meetings you need with the right people and make sure your meeting is actionable.

  • Choose people you want to meet: Register with Deal Room matchmaking platform, complete your profile and start scheduling meetings!
  • Make up your own schedule: Choose tracks, keynote and workshops you want to attend, and allocate some space in your calendar for spontaneous meetings on the spot.
  • Have efficient 1-on-1 meetings on the spot: Fill your peak time with effective 20-minutes meetings in the matchmaking area.
  • Negotiate deals and build meaningful connections: Negotiate deals, receive professional advice and guidance and get better at your business networking with every next meeting.

5000+ Meetings in Deal Room

Arctic15 is famous for being all about efficient networking and Deal Room is where the magic happens.

In Deal Room, you get to meet, negotiate deals and receive feedback from your future investors, business partners and potential employees. Find the people you want to meet, pre-book meetings well in advance and have efficient 20-minutes long meetings on the spot. Deal Room offers up to 24 meetings a day with 40% closing rate.

Deal Room is the perfect place to efficiently find new business opportunities in privacy and comfort.

Interested in attending the Artcic15 2020? Register your participation by following the registration link and taking the suggested steps.

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