Deadline: May 10, 2024 23:59 CEST| Apply here
Eligibility: 12-25 years of age
Prize: up to $5,000

ClimateScience Olympiad 2024

Are you a student with world issues in mind? Join the Climate Science Olympiad and share your ideas and solutions for sustainable development.

The world’s largest Climate Olympiad is the best place for you to join a community that’s focused on solving climate change through innovative solutions.

Eligibility for the Olympiad

If you would like to have a chance at joining this amazing opportunity you must meet the following criteria:

  • be between 12 and 25 years of age
  • be comfortable with at least one of the languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Kyrgyz, Russian, Italian, German, Polish

You can participate solo or in a team of two.

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How it works

The Olympiad has three age groups: <16, 17-20, 21-25. This means your answers will be compared within your age group during the qualifier stage of application.

However, to ensure a fair comparison, each group will have a normalized score which will allow a fair choice of winners.

Once you reach the Semi Finals, you will be required to write a 1000-word proposal in 3 hours on a topic that will corespond with one of the following.

  • Energy – Clean Energy, Sustainable Transport, industry
  • Development – Sustainable Development, Sustainable Economics, Circular Economy
  • Natural Systems – Sustainable Agriculture, Biodiversity, Water Resources

During the Final stage you will receive a complex global problem to solve in a 3000-word solution. Afterwards you will have 20 minutes to present your solution.

If you think you need a bit more preparation before you apply or before the next stages of the qualifiers, CSO invites you to download their app.

In it, you can complete courses and take quizzes that can make a difference in your skills.

ClimateScience Olympiad 2024 Prizes

The 2024 Olympiad winners will take home prizes as follows:

  • first place – $5,000
  • second place – $3,000
  • third place – $2,000
  • fourth through seventh – $1000 each
  • eight through tenth – $500

Additionally winners have a chance to win a sponsored trip to the UN Climate Summit, COP29.

Interested in attending ClimateScience Olympiad 2024? Register your participation by following the registration link and taking the suggested steps.

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