Deadline: December 10, 2021 00:00 CET
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Eligibility: Entries first appearing in public between August 1, 2020 – February 16, 2022 are eligible for entry into this year’s Clio Awards, with the exception of the Creative Effectiveness medium. Entries in the Creative Effectiveness medium have an eligibility period of August 1, 2019 – February 16, 2022. Entries cannot be made without the permission of the client and/or owner of the rights of the work. All entries must have been created for a paying client except pro bono work for charities and non-profit organizations. Spec ads and director’s cuts are NOT eligible. Clio retains the rights to disqualify entries which offend national, religious, cultural or racial groups.

Clio Awards 2022

Founded in 1959 to honor excellence in advertising, the Clio Awards today celebrates bold work that propels the advertising industry forward, inspires a competitive marketplace of ideas and fosters meaningful connections within the creative community.

Annually, The Clio Awards brings together leading creative talent for an exclusive and collaborative judging experience to select the entries that will win the coveted Grand, Gold, Silver and Bronze Clio statues.

Why apply?

  • A Closer Look at Creativity. The Clio Awards submission process can serve as a useful business tool and audit of your creative approach. So often, looking back helps you move forward.
  • Early Acclaim. The Clio Awards are the first major global awards competition of the calendar year to announce their winners. This sets the tone early that your company’s work is timely, cutting edge and forward thinking. Traits that attract quality talent and clients.
  • Prestige and Positioning. Winning a Clio Award will instantly deliver prestige to your business and position your company as an industry-leader in producing creative work.
  • Client Retention. What better way to solidify your company’s reputation with decision makers and strengthen your relationship with clients than sharing the stage as you accept an award for the work you have done together?
  • New Business. Potential clients want to hire the best in the business and the Clio statues in your entryway let you say that to everyone who walks in the door without uttering a word.
  • Employee Morale. Winning a Clio Award is fun. Plus, it shows your employees that you value their contributions. The celebrations that will no doubt follow your win will offer employees a renewed sense of pride in their position at the company and will drive them to continue to reach new heights in order to earn new rewards.
  • Talent Retention and Recruitment. It’s simple, the most sought-after talent is drawn to the most groundbreaking and award-winning agencies. The more creative recognition your company receives, the more creative people will want to be a part of the team. And stay there.
  • Exposure. Winners of the Clio Awards are announced in Muse by Clio and other top industry trade publications. These wins will often be cited in future press mentions about your work. References to your Clio Award wins have a home in your new business pitches, marketing materials, boilerplates, executive bios and various other external touchpoints.
  • Sending a Message to the Industry. Being selected as a winner by a Clio jury sends a message that the work your company is producing sets the bar for where the world’s most innovative creative minds think the industry should be heading. And it shows your clients that creativity matters.
  • Reaching Beyond the Industry. Having been featured as an aspirational accomplishment for characters in television and film for decades, earning a Clio Award is an achievement that carries weight in popular culture, not just among those in the industry.

Each year, Clio appoints top creatives and marketers from around the world to serve on distinct juries

Clio selects individuals whose own creative work epitomizes the best of their respective fields, ensuring that each juror has an in-depth understanding of the industry’s evolving marketplace.

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