Dates: September 12-13, 2018 | Register here
Prices: starting from EUR 29,-
Location: Cologne, Germany

DMEXCO Conference 2018

DMEXCO is the meeting place and a community for key players in the digital business, marketing, and innovation. It brings together industry leaders, marketing and media professionals, and tech pioneers to set the digital agenda.

Both globally informed and locally focused, DMEXCO offers an ecosystem with seminars, debates, and expositions outlining the future of the digital economy and driving market value.

Bringing together 40,000 visitors, 1,100 exhibitors, and 500 speakers from around the world for a one-of-a-kind event each year in Cologne, DMEXCO has set the standard as the place for business minds to learn and inspire, build connections, and for ideas to become actions. DMEXCO — where tomorrow’s digital business happens today.

Why attend?

DMEXCO is the meeting place for industry professionals at all levels, where ideas become actions. Driving innovations in digital marketing, it strives to bring together the world’s key business minds.

With discussions, exhibitions, and opportunities to connect with leaders from around the world, DMEXCO empowers businesses to come together on a global scale to reach their media goals by discovering the most important future trends in marketing, technology, and business. DMEXCO is drawing a roadmap of the future of digital marketing.

5 reasons to attend the DMEXCO conference

  1. Gain Inspiration: Innovative experts and thinkers provide new impetus and broaden your perspective on the industry.
  2. Experience Innovation: Find out about industry innovations live on stage.
  3. Continue Education: Choose from more than 100 Seminars and design your own individual development.
  4. Discover Trends: Use the various stages and sessions to discover new trends affecting you and your market.
  5. Understand Technology: Dare to make changes and gain an in-depth understanding of future technologies.

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