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All students including international students
Start date: September 2016
Location: École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland

EPFL,The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne, is offering a limited number of excellence fellowships in 2016 at the Master’s level to students with outstanding academic records. Some of the fellowships are financed by EPFL directly and others through partnerships with foundations or companies.

EPFL Excellence Fellowships 2016

By all metrics used for international comparisons, Switzerland has consistently remained a global leader for its focus and investment in research and education. EPFL represents the quintessence of Switzerland’s innovation forces, reflected daily with the results and distinctions obtained by its researchers, the vitality of home-grown entrepreneurs and in the international networks established with other centers of excellence.

This innovative spirit coupled with the excellent infrastructure available has attracted to EPFL leading scientists from around the world, and resulted in a spectacular growth of its scientific output and publications. This evolution’s impact is also seen in academic international rankings, confirming the rapid development of the institution.

As a Masters student, you will develop in-depth knowledge in an area of specialty and gain invaluablepractical experience in the laboratory. The EPFL Master of Science degrees are well renowned internationally: an excellent preparation for a successful professional or academic career!

Anyone applying to an EPFL Master’s Program is eligible. The selection of candidates and the granting of the fellowships is done based solely on the evaluation of the academic records of the candidates.

Application instructions: The application is done via the same online form than your application to a Master’s program. It is however necessary to tick a box indicating that your profile should also be considered for an excellence fellowship. Applications can be filled online from from the 16th of January to the 15th of April.  The application process being completely electronic, you will first have to digitize the requested documents .Once you have filled in the application form and downloaded all your documents, validate your application. Please note that your candidacy will not be considered if your complete application is not submitted by the deadline. Validating your electronic application will generate a confirmation e-mail and an application number for your file.

The application should contain:

  • a recommendation letter from the section’s director
  • a CV
  • a motivation letter
  • a transcript of all grades obtained at EPFL

A first screening is done by sections. The attribution of the fellowships is then done by the Excellence Fellowships Committee, presided by Prof. Vandergheynst, Vice-Provost for Education. To ensure that all fellowships are distributed in case of withdrawals, multiple candidates can be selected and placed on a waiting list. The fellowship is then offered to the main candidate who will be given a deadline (2-4 weeks) for confirming the acceptance of her/his admission and fellowship. In case of withdrawal or absence of response, the fellowship is offered to the first candidate on the waiting list who then get a deadline (1-2 weeks) for confirming the acceptance of her/his admission and fellowship.

Candidates to an excellence fellowship receive an answer about their application at the same time than the answer concerning their application to a Master’s program. It consists of an email sent at the beginning of June.

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