Deadline: June 30, 2017 | Apply here
Eligibility: The Award is open to students currently registered in a Masters, regardless of specialty. Professional experience is limited to internships, which shouldn’t exceed 3 years combined. The competition is open to individuals only but the report submitted can be the work of a team if necessary. Entry is free of charge.

European QuantAwards 2017

Students and interns are invited to submit an original research report in quantitative finance focusing on a chosen issue in portfolio management.

The report should focus on the importance and practical application of the research rather than the techniques used. It must be original work carried out by the candidate, and can include an end of studies dissertation, internship report or work carried out specifically for the Award.

The 2017 QuantAwards will be the 7th edition of QuantAwards, and the 3d European edition with the participation of CFA Society France, CFA Society Ireland and CFA Society Netherlands.

Submit an innovative research report in quantitative finance for a chance to win one of the 3 prizes below

  • 1st prize: €2,000 + CFA Program Exam registration
  • 2nd prize: €1,000 + CFA Program Exam registration
  • 3d prize: €500


  • Dissertations should focus on a portfolio management issue. The subject covered must include a strong practical element that has relevance to finance practitioners as well as academics
  • Marking criteria are: Presentation, Accuracy and Completeness, Applicability and Relevance, and Innovation.
  • Submissions must be between 5 and 7 pages and be written in English
  • The dissertation can be accompanied by appendices that the candidate considers appropriate
  • Entry is free

Judging criteria

The judging panel consists of 7 reviewers. The panel may also call on the expertise of external examiners should participation be particularly high or if a given submission requires additional technical oversight.

Each submission will be marked by two jury members, from 1 to 10. Their mark is a weighted average of four criteria:

  1. Presentation (10%)
  2. Accuracy and completeness (30%)
  3. Applicability and relevance (30%)
  4. Innovation (30%)

This ensures that the strongest entries will provide a good balance between the technical nature of the subject and its practical application. Submissions are provided to the judging panel anonymously, with a code replacing the names of the candidates.

The final mark allocated to each submission will be the sum of the marks of two jury members. In the event of a tie, the Chairman’s mark will prevail after consultation with other members of the panel. Decisions may not be appealed.

Award Ceremony

The Award Ceremony will be held in the country of the CFA Society where the winner applied. Both the winner and the runner up will be invited and travel and housing costs covered (with a limit of €1,000 per person). All participants are welcome to attend the ceremony at their own costs. The Award Ceremony will take place late 2017.

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