Dates: November 26-27, 2019 | Register here
Prices: starting from EUR 345,-
Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

European Women in Tech 2019

Don’t just be part of the conversation, drive it – join Europe’s largest and most vibrant women in tech conference.

Following three years of sell-out conferences, European Women in Tech returns to Amsterdam for two days of life-changing content designed to provide you with actionable insights into the tech industry.

Network with thousands of inspirational tech leaders from every corner of the continent. Drive your commercial objectives forward by embracing diversity and inclusion. Deep dive into tech trends that are changing the face of the sector. Leave with the knowledge and drive to write your own success story.

Stand still in the tech sector, and you’ll get left behind. This year’s event is a revolutionary take on the future of technology. After attending our keynote speeches, workshops and technical classes, you’ll leave with the tools needed to develop your own innovative business strategy and the confidence to become a change agent.

Secure your spot among 4,000 other tech innovators and join the conference in celebrating gender diversity in the world’s fastest-growing industry.


2019’s Technology Focus

The Future of Tech: Disrupt or be disrupted! Which tech change agent will you become?

Topics include:

  • Your journey to truly cognitive technology: From robotics, RPA, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, A.I. and beyond!
  • Big data and analytics – Creating change agents to win the data science war
  • To the intelligent edge – The next IT transformation?

The 2019 Tech-Pulse: Master today’s tech possibilities to best position yourself for the future!

Topics include:

  • Understanding the tech options available for your business today, how they are being used and their capabilities
  • Evolving cloud – Distributed tech, edge computing and its overlay implications
  • Automation – The changing face of security in an increasingly cognitive tech world

Industry Disruption for better Design, Development and Delivery: Learn from cross-industry case studies with practical applications and learnings!

Topics include:

  • Understanding the role of the empowered end-user across design, development and delivery of products and services
  • Case studies across industries including energy and utilities, banking, retail, medical, transport and manufacturing

2019’s Business Focus

The Evolution of Work: Lead from the front by embracing instead of fearing the modern-day work environment.

Topics include:

  • Fit for purpose recruitment practices to attract the workforce your future business needs
    Different working structures and environments including remote working and autonomous teams
  • Understanding the capabilities of project practices – Agile, Kanban, Waterfall, DevOps

Start-Up Central: Learn from fellow founders’ success stories & gain practical advice on how to scale your business.

Topics include:

  • What to consider when starting up your company, and how to hit the ground running
  • Tips and tricks for recruitment, funding, management and future proofing your business
  • Preparing for Scale-up, and how to best use an accelerator programme

2019’s People Focus

Cultivate your Career: Upskill yourself for the modern workforce!

Topics include:

  • Practical tips & tricks for navigating your way into a tech-specific career
    The fundamentals of changing careers at any age
  • Upskilling and progression into more senior positions
  • Demystifying having it all, including work/life balance and pay negotiations

Diversity, Inclusion and You!: Diversity and Inclusion – can we afford not to in the era of digital change?

Topics include:

  • Ageism – as working life extends into our 70’s how will it impact you?
  • Upskilling fast – adapting to an ever-changing tech sector landscape
  • Pay gaps – looking into the true state of affairs and understanding the psychology of pay gaps

Why should I attend?

  • Be inspired, energised and motivated
  • Connect with people from all over the industry
  • Develop yourself personally and professionally
  • Achieve long-term business success
  • Be ahead on industry trends and technical knowledge
  • p push the agenda for women in tech

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