Deadline: May 31, 2018 00:00 WIB
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Eligibility: Young entrepreneurs from around the world
Dates: July 2-5, 2018
Registration fee: starting from USD 350,-
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp 2018

The mega edition of Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp in Indonesia is all set to groom your business ideas into a proper business model.

Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is an intensive educational/leadership session that brings together many young entrepreneurs from around the world and places them on a common platform to innovate and create new businesses by collaboration.

The Bootcamp is designed to groom your innovations and new ideas into startups

GEB provides the platform to interact with the mentors, successful entrepreneurs who are willing to hear what budding entrepreneurs are thinking of and guide them to the right path to making a successful startup.

It is a unique place to learn from successful entrepreneurs who will share their experiences of success or more importantly their failures, share and exchange ideas with other like-minded attendees with diverse background, and it is also a place to compete with the same like-minded attendees in order to develop and improve oneself.

Why apply?

  • Scholarship Available (merit-based)
  • Grow your global network
  • Start your venture at an early stage
  • Get connected to various funding agencies, accelerators and incubator

Why Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp 2018?

  • GEB employs innovative learning, interaction, and competition for improvement of an individual. They believe that anyone who is interested in entrepreneurship, is looking for the correct mentorship to guide oneself, or wants to meet other entrepreneurs, and possibly investors, from different parts of the world should consider applying to GEB.
  • GEB values interaction with mentors as its primary feature. You can share your ideas with any mentors and take advice from them. All of our mentors are eager to listen to what the next generation entrepreneurs are thinking of. GEB believes that you can learn more from veterans in the game of entrepreneurship than from traditional textbooks and courses.
  • If you are interested in meeting other entrepreneurs from various parts of the world, then GEB is the best fit for you. Every Bootcamp is full of enthusiastic participants from all over the world wanting to share their ideas with other similar entrepreneurs. If you are lucky, you may even find an investor who might invest in your idea.
  • GEB thinks healthy competition is a valuable resource for a better learning. Which is why GEB is also a team competition for the creation of the best business model? Competition pushes you to exert yourselves more which ultimately helps you to learn more.
  • GEB is an excellent opportunity to meet new people, be it similar entrepreneurs like you or veteran like our mentors, compete on an international platform, and learn necessary skills of entrepreneurship.

If any of these seems interesting to you, then what are you waiting for?

Apply now and see you in Indonesia!

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