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Eligibility: Innovators, inventors, engineers, and makers are encouraged to design and build a personal flying device

GoFly Competition 2019

GoFly Competition is calling on all inventors and doers to make human flight a reality by building the world’s first personal flying device for anyone, anywhere.

Over the next two years, teams will compete to win $2,000,000 in prizes, creating revolutionary technology and accessing the top minds in aerospace.

We’ve all dreamed of flying

As a child, did you ever spread your arms with a makeshift cape or tinfoil wings, pretending to soar through the air? We’re on a mission to turn that childhood dream of flight into reality.

Indeed, throughout human history, perhaps no dream has been more shared than that of flying. From Leonardo da Vinci’s ornithopter to hot-air balloons to solar-powered planes, humankind has always looked up, imagining new ways to explore the skies.

Recent advances in propulsion, energy, light-weight materials, and control and stability systems have resulted in a time when our most audacious dream—the dream of pure human flight—is now achievable.

Together, we will make people fly

Join the challenge: Innovators, inventors, engineers, and makers are encouraged to design and build a personal flying device. It must be safe, useful, and thrilling, but the design and function of the device are up to teams.

Access, experts & benefits

Teams are empowered by providing access to the top names and experts in aerospace and aviation, engineering, design, finance, and law, as well as to incredibly valuable software, products, and services.

The GoFly Masters and Mentors are available to help all teams as they bring their devices to life, offering one-on-one guidance and regular seminars. The In-Kind Sponsor Benefits provide access to a myriad of incredibly valuable benefits throughout the entire competition.

Make people fly

The GoFly Prize culminates in a Final Fly-off where all teams will debut their personal flying devices—and make history. With Boeing as the Grand Sponsor, you will make the impossible possible.

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