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Eligibility: Current undergraduate students, graduate students, and young professionals are eligible to apply to HPAIR conferences. In addition, recent college graduates who obtained an undergraduate or a graduate degree in the past 5 years are eligible to apply to HPAIR conferences.
Dates: February 15-18, 2019
Location: Harvard University, Boston, MI, USA

HPAIR Harvard College Conference 2019

The 2019 HPAIR Harvard College Conference will offer a platform to cooperatively confront these emerging challenges in Asia through dialogue and exchange that transcend geographical and cultural borders.

The Harvard College Project for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR) was founded to create a forum of exchange for students and young professionals to discuss and learn about the most important economic, political, and social issues facing the Asia-Pacific region.

Why participate?

Delegates will get to attend exclusive social events, including formal Opening and Closing ceremonies, an International night to share their cultural heritage through performances, and an Entertainment night to relax with other delegates in an informal setting.

Selected delegates will share about their experiences in a featured HPAIRx experience, an opportunity to inspire and inform other delegates in a TED-style talk.


  • Art, media and culture

Art connected to the Asia-Pacific region undeniably holds the power to both unify and divide communities and serves as an avenue of cultural exchange.

Participants in this track will explore key creative sectors by hearing from renowned artists, critics, and creators, and gain a deeper understanding of their far-reaching influence in Asian and international relations.

  • Energy and environmental sustainability

In this track, delegates will first explore the major issues of the scarcity of energy sources, unprecedented consumption levels, and the current problems associated with the growing global population.

It will be examined if current solutions are effective in addressing these problems and the future projections of such solutions. Finally, you will reflect on an individual’s duty to protect the environment, especially pertaining to how small changes can be made for a combined larger effect.

  • Global markets and economy

As businesses and countries adapt to changing consumption patterns and slower, more sustainable growth, the Asian market will continue to have wider implications for the global economy.

In this track, delegates will hear from renowned business leaders, academics, and policymakers to analyze Asia’s changing role in the global market and explore ways for Asia to lead the global narrative into the next great economic transition of the century.

  • Governance and geopolitics

Governance and geopolitics are at the heart of diplomatic, security, and political considerations for international relations.

As global power is shifting from the West to the East, changing international alliances are causing a reshuffling of the world order, fundamentally altering the global geopolitical landscape.

  • Social policy and justice

By exploring the political, social, and economic nuances that drive demonstrations, persecutions, and human rights violations, delegates will gain a more well-rounded understanding of many controversial and pressing issues facing the Asia-Pacific region.

In this track, delegates will examine the ideal of justice on a global scale, dissecting recent and emerging crises to construct a deeper understanding of effective responses to these complex issues in the future.

  • Entrepreneurship and technology 

This track will celebrate the most recent advancements in human knowledge, including cutting-edge topics such as blockchain as well as new innovations in traditional business models.

This track aims to address the struggles that entrepreneurs in Asia face when looking to expand outside of the Asian market and will offer insight into strategies for effective growth into foreign markets.

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