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Location: Singapore

HR Transformation Asia 2019

In this fast-moving world characterised by constant change, HR transformation is not optional.

However, it can be a long and rocky road for organisations which have to overcome decades of legacy systems, siloed working, lack of agility, among other obstacles.

At the same time, organisations are realising that their engagement strategies just can’t seem to keep up with demand from employees.

The most exclusive HR transformation event for HR leaders in Asia

Gathering the greatest minds across sectors in Asia, the 2nd HR Transformation Asia 2019 aims to enhance the knowledge of HR leaders from local Asian conglomerates and top MNCs in both digital and strategic HR, as well as culture and change management through interactive panel discussions and best practice sharing sessions.

Key issues to be covered would include:

  • Leading the digital transformation change within HR and across key stakeholders embarking on organizational change
  • How to leverage on AI and data for designing employee experience and learning programs
  • Addressing the challenges of the future of work: How to transform your HR Teams and the entire workforce to be future ready?

New in 2019

  • 2 events in 1 location
  • Over 35 speakers representing HR leaders from local conglomerates and top MNCs
  • 20 exclusive case studies from across industries
  • 8 interactive roundtable discussion topics addressing the top challenges on HR transformation and employee experience
  • 4 workshops providing step by step guide on implementing AI, HR Analytics, design thinking in HR processes

The implications of not including HR in digital transformation

  • 39% Employee Disengagement
  • 32% Failure/delays
  • 31% HR disengagement and frustration
  • 31% Reduces productivity
  • 29% Creates a culture of fear/mistrust amongst employees
  • 24% Lack of access to relevant skills
  • 29% Employee churn/retention problems

Why Attend?

  • Network with an elite group of HR decision makers who lead digital transformation organization-wide
  • Build valuable connections and partnership opportunities in just 2 days
  • Learn the latest technologies and applications in the space of digital HR
  • Exchange challenges and success stories with peers
  • Walk away with expert insights and business inspirations

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