Dates: June 28 – 29, 2017 | Register here
Prices: starting from EUR 999,-
Location: Vienna, Austria

HR360 European Summit 2017

Are you eager to enhance your department’s ability to transition from a transaction execution function into a valued consultant that brings innovative solutions to business leaders at all levels?

If so, then secure your place at HR360. Only there will you rub shoulders with those in your shoes, HR Leaders from Europe’s leading companies. Sharing their first-hand experience on the do’s and don’ts to bridge key HR capability gaps and meet the demands of the new world of work.

If you’re serious about building a world-class HR function, then don’t miss this opportunity to benchmark your people, processes and technology with those leading the way.

Why attend?

Benchmark your people, processes and technology with those who are best in class and embrace innovative HR approaches to drive greater business impact.

  • The Networking: HR360 is focused on providing you with as many new connections as possible. Through fun and interactive networking with every part of the industry, you will expand your community with the right people that will help your company and develop your career.
  • The Content: is what sets HR360 apart from the competitors. The Summit team spends six months conducting research and developing the program. Content is guided by this research, as well as the Advisory Board, to ensure the conference reflects the latest trends and hottest topics in the industry. If you have a pain point, we have it covered.
  • The Venue: each of the conferences is always held at a top tier resort versus a convention center. At lunchtime, you won’t be shuttled off to S’barros with a coupon (or no coupon!). You’ll receive a full, three-course sit down meal. You are treated as a VIP every minute, as opposed to a passenger at JFK on Thanksgiving. In short, HR360 makes sure you are educated and pampered at its events.
  • Customer Service: HR360 staff onsite is knowledgeable about the event and the industry. They know what you need and where you can get it. That’s because HR360 staffs the event themselves. They don’t hire temps and part-timers to run the show because the event is their business and delivering a great experience for you is imperative.

If you are interested in quality interactions, content that is specific to your business needs and networking with your peers, attending is the best investment you can make. Guaranteed.

  • 100 HR Leaders joining the summit in Vienna
  • 50 Thought Leading Speakers sharing their practical insights
  • 15 hours invaluable networking time

More benefits of attending

  • Learn From The Best: HR360 speakers represent the true ‘who is who’ in HR. These forward-thinking HR Leaders from Europe’s largest and most innovative companies will shift your paradigms, challenge your assumptions, and spark new insights.
  • Make New Contacts: HR360 is a close-knit community of HR innovators. Share best practice with new friends from across industries, trade business cards and make the connections that will accelerate your career.
  • Be Inspired: We’re only human – long presentations put us to sleep. With interactive formats throughout, don’t just listen to case studies but get involved with your peers and collaboratively discover innovative and actionable insights that will change the way you see HR.

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