Period: 6 months | Apply here
Salary: Without a degree EUR 670,-
Bachelor or Master’s degree EUR 950,-
Voluntary internship: EUR 1365,-
Temporary hired student: hourly rate EUR 11.74,-
Location: Metzingen, Germany, and Hugo Boss worldwide subsidiaries

Internships at HUGO BOSS:
immerse in the world of fashion

On your first day, within the scope of an introduction event, you will be given all the important information and documents that you’ll need during your internship. This also gives you an opportunity to meet interns from other departments.

During the internship, you will be actively involved in everyday operations and also in independent projects. This gives you an insight into the tasks and workflows, allows you to broaden your skill base and knowledge and gives you a chance to network. You will be looked after professionally by the intern supervisors in the various specialist areas and by direct contacts in Human Resources.

Halfway through your internship, you will have an intermediate meeting with the supervisor in the area in which you are working. During this meeting, you will receive feedback about your performance and have a chance to share your wishes and suggestions.


  • Ideally, you are in the second half of studying for your bachelor’s degree or already have an intermediate diploma.
  • You may already have some practical professional experience and are a fashion enthusiast.
  • You must have proficiency in English (verbal and written communication).
  • You are familiar with MS Office applications.
  • You are committed, communicative and enjoy working in a team.
  • Internships are also offered to graduates – you do not have to be enrolled in a university. Applicants from outside Germany should enclose all documents that are relevant for work and residence permits.

Foreign internships

You can apply for an internship with any of Hugo Boss’ worldwide subsidiaries. They recruit their own interns. Therefore, please apply directly to find out if there are any vacancies and to get information about the application process. Also, remember that payment during the internship varies depending on the subsidiary.

If you would like to apply for a foreign internship, in addition to the requirements for an internship in Germany, you also need a good knowledge of the language in the country where you are submitting your application.

Position as a temporary student with Hugo Boss

This gives you a chance of collecting practical experience and also earning money while you are studying. Your hours of work will be scheduled up to 20 hours per week. Your working time can be extended to full time during the semester break. Your hourly rate will be € 11.74.

As a temporary hire student, you will work in various parts of the company where you will gain valuable experience. You will also have the opportunity to write your thesis with us on completion of your studies.

Your thesis at HUGO BOSS

The benefits are obvious – you have the opportunity to collect experience and expand your skills. Your thesis also has a direct significance for our work processes. In other words, it is also in our interest that you deliver the best possible scientific results. What you must consider: You can prepare a thesis only in combination with a prior internship at HUGO BOSS.

During the entire time, you will have individual and competent support from employees in the respective specialist departments. You will be working in a professional environment where you’ll acquire indispensable background knowledge. During your research, you will also benefit from the employees’ many years of experience.

Generally, the intern and the specialist department will determine the subject of a thesis together. Where possible, the interests of the intern and of the respective specialist department will both be taken into account. Consequently, they do not have a fixed pool of subjects for theses.

You receive a flat rate allowance of €1,200 and a performance-based bonus when you submit your thesis.


  • You are about to complete your studies.
  • Ideally, you already have some professional experience in the form of relevant internships or a professional training.
  • You must have proficiency in English (verbal and written communication).


  • They will help you find accommodation before you start the internship.
  • During the internship, you benefit from flexible working hours and an attractive advanced training program.
  • Regular intern meetings allow you to network with other interns.
  • During your leisure time, you can use our extensive range of sports activities such as soccer, squash, badminton, beach volleyball and our health club on the HUGO BOSS campus, including a varied range of sports courses.
  • You can also buy HUGO BOSS products in our VIP store at reduced prices.

Areas available for internship:

  • Creative Management is responsible for product development and creating the collection. This is where the collections originate – from the idea, through the drafts to development. In each of our brands, the unit consists of a Creative Director, the Head of Creative Management, the Creative Managers, and assistants and specialists.
  • Technical Product Development – Pattern Design. In Pattern Design, proposals for a new collection are implemented in prototypes and are then further developed until they are ready for production. The work of the pattern makers involves developing the cuts and developing technical processing guidelines.
  • Strategic Procurement develops and implements methods and processes for the global HUGO BOSS procurement organization. Among other things, this includes continuous assessment of suppliers, carrying out supplier development measures and supplier audits and communication with the suppliers, for example via the HUGO BOSS supplier portal.
  • The Technology & Service Center belongs to the Clothing Man Product Division. It is an extremely modern production facility for classic men’s wear. The Technology & Service Center maintains and generates the platform for its professional competence with a prototype, pattern, and special production inquiry services. The Technology & Service Center is also integrated into the BOSS MADE TO MEASURE program, where customers can have apparel tailored to order.
  • Retail Services: Shop Construction & Visual Merchandising is responsible for planning and implementing all shop projects worldwide. Visual Merchandising is involved with optimizing the product presentation at the point-of-sale. Retail Marketing Services support the points of sale worldwide in all marketing activities.
  • Communication. The Creative Services department is responsible for creative services at HUGO BOSS AG. These services are requested by different departments – such as Trade Marketing, Creative Management, Sales. Sports sponsoring is also part of communication. HUGO BOSS is currently present in the following sports: Formula 1, sailing, golf, tennis and soccer.
  • International Sales – Travel Retail, As a specialized niche market, Travel Retail looks after our shops in airports, duty-free shopping centers and our shops on cruise liners and ferries. Travel Retail is split into two teams – Marketing and Area Management.
  • Logistics include Logistics Planning and Transportation Logistics. Logistics Planning covers the strategic part of logistics and consists of three sub-units: Process Management, Project Management, and Logistics Controlling. Transportation Logistics focuses on coordination of the international commodity flows within our procurement, production and distribution logistics.
  • Quality Management Fabrics and Trimmings is the central textile competence center of HUGO BOSS AG and, in this role, provides textile expertise for Product and Quality Development.
  • Production Management Clothing Woman handles the central fields of competence quality management and processing technology for the production of ready-made in the Clothing Woman Product Division.
  • IT includes IT Applications II and IT Services. IT Applications II is responsible for all IT applications and processes in the Finance, Controlling, Human Resources, Business Intelligence, Retail and eBusiness units. IT Services consists of the following three teams: Global Support and Coordination, Local and On-Site Support and SAP Training.
  • Receivables Management belongs to the Finance & Accounting unit and, essentially, creates the link between customers, Sales, Accounting, and external business partners (e.g. credit insurers).

  • Corporate Analysis its part of the Controlling unit of HUGO BOSS AG. Corporate Analysis handles projects for business area development, process optimization, and management reporting.
  • Human Resources consists of four HR Business Teams that partner with each specialist unit and to support them in HR planning, procurement, deployment, development, compensation, and administration.

How to apply

Internships are usually advertised online about three to five months before the start date – in other words, from April for starting an internship in August/September and from October for February/March. Apply only when the positions are advertised online and tell in your application letter when you’ll be available.

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