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Location: London, The United Kingdom

Innovate Finance Global Summit 2017

FinTech takes over London for a special two-day event you cannot miss!

Innovate Finance Global Summit (IFGS), the world’s biggest celebration of achievement in FinTech, happens on April 10th – 11th 2017 across the City of London.

The annual event is the most prestigious conference for the financial technology industry, a platform that convenes the world’s global institutions together with startups, policy makers and investors to share ideas and solutions to the challenges facing financial services.

As the FinTech sector continues to cross borders, shake up business models and create new applications, Innovate Finance brings together the people making things happen at IFGS 2017.

This year the global FinTech community is welcomed to the FinTech capital of the world.

About Innovate Finance

Innovate Finance is an independent not-for-profit membership association representing the UK’s global FinTech community. Founded in 2014 with the support of the City of London and Canary Wharf Group, Innovate Finance aims to accelerate the UK’s leading position in the global financial services sector by directly supporting the next era of technology-led financial services innovators, from start-ups to institutions.

Who came last year – IFGS2016?

Innovate Finance Global Summit 2016 championed the latest developments in FinTech at the historical heart of financial services: London.

  • 1500 Attendees
  • 200 Fintech Companies
  • 200 Speakers and Exhibitors
  • 64 Press Attendees
  • 7 Global Fintech Hubs
  • 2 Million #IFGS2016 Impressions


In the wake of the EU referendum decision and the US election results, 2017 will be a year of significant transition and transformation that will reshape political landscapes and the global economy.

With worries about a ‘hard’ Brexit and its repercussions to the UK banking and FinTech sectors, coupled with the election of a US president that favors protectionism over free trade, how will governments, big banks, investors and entrepreneurs – as well as markets and economies- respond to a new era of uncertainty?

Innovate Finance’s Global Summit 2017 will address the challenges and opportunities that this period of change presents and the major implications for financial services and the FinTech sector. The event will bring together representatives from global FinTech hubs to discuss their activities and vision for the sector.

Agenda Themes

IFGS 2017 has a packed agenda addressing the key topics driving the global FinTech ecosystem.

  • AI And Fintech
  • Alternative Lending
  • Blockchain
  • Capital Markets
  • Cyber Security
  • Challenger Banks
  • Digital Currencies
  • Diversity
  • InsureTech
  • Payments
  • Regulation And Policy
  • Robo Advisor


This year IFGS will feature the inaugural demo day: Pitch360 – an afternoon of demos on day two of the summit.

Pitch360 is a platform for startups to make a 360-second (6 minute) pitch in front of investors, institutions and the global FinTech community, as well as a panel of high profile judges.

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