Deadline: February 24, 2023 23:59 GMT-0600
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Eligibility: companies that have launched/are planning to launch their product or service within 24 months of June 1, 2023, and that haven’t raised more than $10 million in funding.
Location: Calgary, Canada

Inventures Startup Pitch Competition 2023

The Inventures Startup Pitch Competition is an exciting opportunity to pitch your product or service to an audience of venture capitalists, angel investors, entrepreneurs, early adopters, business educators, and service providers.

Inventures is looking for startup companies eager to get a jump-start toward their success

When you are not busy pitching, you will have demo space provided for you dispersed throughout the hallways of Inventures, where you will be able to network one-on-one with the audience members.

Startup Pitch finalists will also receive free registration to all Inventures programming, access to professional coaching and on-site mentoring opportunities, and a chance to win $10,000 in funding.

Who should apply?

Inventures Startup Pitch Competition is currently accepting applications for startups focused on the following categories:

  • The metaverse

Living virtually could generate up to $5T in value by 2030. What’s involved? Who’s setting the pace? Where’s investment flowing? It varies by industry, region, and demographics. Those already leveraging the metaverse are gaining an edge, impacting everything from cybersecurity, to travel and entertainment.

  • Future of work

Hybrid norms are reshaping workplaces into workspaces as digital nomads turn ‘here and now’ into ‘anywhere and anytime’. Work and life are blending into empowering experiences that put social entrepreneurship and conscious consumerism at the heart of sustainable local and global ventures.

  • Ag/food tech

Grow local, feed global is the new refrain as climate and geopolitics impact food security worldwide. Enter an arsenal of technologies – from artificial intelligence and machine learning to weather, water, and soil sensors, to robotics – intersect to reshape community needs and nutritional norms.

  • Health innovation

Life expectancy is increasing steadily due in part to leaps in medical science. Putting ‘healthy’ at the heart of a longer life has medical and other disciplines collaborating to transform lifelong care networks based on genomics, social determinants, precision medicine, pharma advancements, and interconnected data trusts.

  • Clean tech

Pathways to net zero are being paved globally with a range of renewables, carbon-based and clean energy solutions. Advanced materials that are stronger and lighter, new and natural chemical applications and polymers, and novel processes that underpin the future economy are adapting and borrowing lessons from sustainable natural systems.

  • Computing infinity

Fueled by artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data, quantum computing has the potential to revolutionize industries. Quantum technology is set to drive breakthroughs in fintech and blockchain applications, while simultaneously enabling space tech exploration of far reaches of the universe.

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