Deadline: April 30, 2024 23:59 GMT+0100
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Location: Global
Eligibility: candidates with a master’s degree or PhD in economics, statistics, or a related field
Salary: approximately £32,600 in the first year and £34,600 in the second year

The ODI Fellowship Scheme seeks early-career economists and statisticians, offering them an opportunity to work in the public sector. Moreover, it involves a two-year contract in low- and middle-income countries across Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, the Pacific, and the Western Balkans.

ODI Fellows usually serve as local civil servants under the supervision of local managers. They are positioned across diverse institutions, such as finance and planning ministries, health and education ministries, central banks, statistics offices, and regulatory bodies.

The Fellowship offers a compensation of approximately £32,600 per annum in the first year and £34,600 in the second year. This compensation comprises a housing allowance, which adjusts based on the cost of living in the respective country.

Expected qualifications and skills for the ODI Fellowship Scheme

Various roles and countries are available for the fellowship. Nevertheless, all positions require specific experience and personal qualities.

The ODI Fellowship welcomes global candidates with a master’s degree or PhD in economics, statistics, or a related field.

Suitable postgraduate qualifications for the program encompass agricultural economics, environmental economics, international economics, health economics, development economics, econometrics, and statistics.

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Moreover, candidates should be equipped with the following skills and qualities:

  • ability to analyze data and information and use it to solve problems at hand
  • ability to communicate complex technical ideas to non-specialists
  • adaptability and flexibility to work within a resource-constrained environment
  • patience and humility to learn and accept advice
  • resilience and problem-solving skills with the ability to work independently
  • interpersonal skills to manage working within a diverse team

Having a demonstrable interest in public policy, relevant work or voluntary experience, language proficiency, or strong IT skills will significantly enhance your application.

Application information

If you’re pursuing a postgraduate degree at the time of application, receiving the fellowship is contingent upon completing your degree.

During the application, you will be asked to provide details of three referees, who will only be contacted in the case of you moving forward in the selection process.

Interested in applying for the ODI Fellowship Scheme? Register your participation by following the registration link and taking the suggested steps.

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