Deadline: July 19, 2020 00:00 (CEST)| Apply here
Date: September 26, 2020

Match Up At Latitude 2020

When it comes to starting a fire, Match Up at Lattitude is an impactful one-day event created to initiate the fire of the Latinx fundraising paradigm through an inspirational competition matching U.S. Latino entrepreneurs with striking venture capital investment to light high growth businesses and fuel the economy of our nation.

This year Match Up at Lattitude presents an inspirational concept linked to a hand rubbing a match with a sandbox creating friction with the purpose of initiating the spark needed to start a fire. Initiate the fire.

Be part of the change and light the future

By creating more Latinx entrepreneurs Lattitude will increase economic growth and sustainability in our nation. Increasing the pool of funding available for U.S. Latino entrepreneurs will create job and wealth opportunities for the largest U.S. buying power.

Match Up at Lattitude uses the heat created from rubbing against a rough striking surface to ignite a flammable fuel. While everyone knows matches as an easy and safe way to start the economic fire, most people disregard to light them.

Match Up at Lattitude is a useful event to learn how capital investment can light their dreams up in an inspiring way. Attending Match Up at Lattitude can be a helpful skill if you want to create an inspirational change in your nation. Once you master the basics of lighting matches, you can even initiate the fire as a useful trick!

Who should attend

  • Entrepreneurs: Match Up at Lattitude’s purpose is to increase the Latinx entrepreneurship participation to fuel our U.S. economy and sustain economic growth
  • Investors: Investors spark the flame of Latino leaders with capital resources to support their high growth businesses and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs
  • Just Curious: Learn how capital investment can light dreams up in an inspiring way. Attending can be a helpful skill for anyone who wants to create inspirational change

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