Deadline: September 17, 2017 | Apply here
$50K+ Cash Award and more

MIT-CHIEF Business Plan Contest 2017

Brilliant startup ideas could possibly result in great companies only if executed properly.

By joining MIT-CHIEF Startup Community and participating in Annual Business Plan Contest, your ability to construct a successful company will be greatly enhanced.

You will be able to connect with other local entrepreneurs in the community during our offline meetups, learn more about principled way to do startups via the accelerator programs and, win cash awards that further supports you to make your great idea realized and get chances to join ChinaTrip or Co-Founder’s Journey program in the year of 2018.

Join the annual business plan contest and win 50K+ Cash Award!

MIT-CHIEF will accompany you on your path to a successful entrepreneur!

Why apply?

  • $50K+ Cash Award
  • Direct Interaction with Investors / Mentors
  • Chance to join Accelerator Program
  • Know more about how to transform an idea into a concrete business through Training Program
  • Entrepreneurship Panel / Seminar
  • Alumni network and co-founder meetup
  • Chances to join China-Trip and Manufacturing Boot Camp (Co-Founder’s Journey) in 2018


The MIT-CHIEF Business Plan Contest, held annually since 2011, is dedicated to contributing to a global entrepreneurial ecosystem based in the Greater Boston area through series of events that:

  • Nurture and activate entrepreneurs, through inspiring their spirit of innovation, training their comprehensive skills and expanding their social network.
  • Equip entrepreneurs with resources, including mentors, funding, industry expertise, legal service and know-how of marketing and business models, from both the U.S. and China.
  • Provide entrepreneurs in the U.S. with valuable connections in China and help on immersing their startups into the Chinese market.
  • Offer direct cash awards that help startups accelerate on their way to success.


  • Sep. 17th by 23:59 / Registration closes
  • Oct. 2nd  / Semifinalist announcement
  • Oct. 23rd  / Finalist announcement
  • Nov. 18th / Contest finale

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