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Entry fee: 
Eligibility: Entrepreneurs from all economic sectors from around Zambia

Start planning your business today. Nyamuka Zambia wants to hear from you!

Nyamuka Zambia business plan competition

Nyamuka Zambia is a business plan competition. The competition nurtures ambitious entrepreneurs by guiding them through the process of turning their innovative ideas into viable and vibrant businesses with the help of mentoring, coaching and financial support.

Nyamuka Zambia Business Plan Competition provides an integrative learning experience for all participants. The prime objectives of the competition are to inspire ambitious businessmen and women to raise their game and take their ideas to the next level, and in the process creating employment and wealth for the country. The contest is open to entrepreneurs from all economic sectors from around Zambia.

It requires a hard work but if you are successful you could get that big break to make your business dreams come true. The total prize fund is K2,000,000.

There will be selected 20 winners, with a top prize of K250,000.

Free advice clinics and business essentials workshops are available to help you apply and plan for your business so you are on the right track. You will get the chance to get connected to a whole new world of business opportunities. Your business ideas remain confidential until the semi-final stage and all judges and advisors are independent and impartial business experts who will respect the privacy of your business idea. There is an entry fee of K150 payable when you apply and we see this as an investment in your business future.

In addition there will be following a series of workshops, one-to-one business advice, a national business conference, mentoring sessions and three rounds of judging the competition will culminate on October 7, 2016 with a final pitching of presentations from the finalists and a public event awarding the K250,000 top prize and 19 other substantial cash prizes to winners.

The Business plan

The major pillars of any business and therefore any business plan are:

  • A clear idea of what your business is about
  • A strategy for how you intend to set up and grow your business
  • Analysis of the market and the competition
  • Details of how you intend to market your business
  • An operations and management plan
  • Key financial figures including cash flow projections


This is  your chance to make your business idea come true and win your part of K2,000,000 prize fund if you have the winning business plan. You could be one of 20 winners, plus you’ll get connected to a whole new world of business opportunities. This is truly your time to shine.  Submitting your business idea to the Nyamuka Zambia business plan competition takes some thought and preparation but it is as easy as 1,2,3.  There is a 3-step process:

Step 1: Register your interest in the competition.

Step 2: Attend free application advice clinics and business essentials workshops (optional).

Step 3: Complete the application form which outlines your business idea and submit it in person together with the application fee of K150.

Just follow the tabs to the left and it will guide you through the application process. Once the application period closes, your idea will be evaluated by a panel of independent judges and, if you are successful, you will enter Phase Two as a semi-finalist.

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