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The competition is open for both Swedish and international participation, you must be 18 years or older to compete.
The two best innovations will get to share a sum of 100 000 SEK,-

Open Stockholm Award 2016

Stockholm is one of Europe’s fastest growing cities. In Stockholm’s 2040 Vision “a Stockholm for all”, it is stated that Stockholm will become the world’s smartest city.

In addition, Stockholm will be a sustainable and inclusive society. The possibilities and advantages that digitization brings will include all groups in society–from youth to the elderly, to those with tech skills and those without. It will be a society in which growth, innovation, low environmental impact, equality, and accessibility are guaranteed.

In order to take the city of Stockholm closer to its vision, innovators, startups, entrepreneurs and students are invited to join the international competition Open Stockholm Award 2016.

Use open data to develop a digital solution for a cohesive & sustainable Stockholm

To compete, you need to use the City of Stockholm’s open data to create a digital service, such as an app, web service or product. The main goal of the service should be to make Stockholm a better city for both inhabitants and visitors.

Digitalization strengthens democracy by simplifying and increasing residents’ influence and participation in the democratic process. Digitalization is used to bridge social divides, build community and collaboration to reduce exclusion.

Can you develop a digital product/ service that will help drive or support integration and increase inclusion in all parts of Stockholm.

The entries can be submitted in the form of an app, web service or product and must include a short description of your idea, image, and a more detailed file description.

A cohesive Stockholm

In 2040, Stockholm will be a cohesive city, where all children have the same opportunities to achieve proficiency targets, apartments are available at reasonable rents, the elderly are guaranteed a secure life, and equal opportunity, gender equality, and accessibility are never questioned.

This entails that Stockholm can provide:

  • Good school for all
  • Good welfare that gives equal chances in life
  • Wide selection of sports, culture and leisure
  • A living city where everyone can stay
  • A democratically sustainable Stockholm

A democratically sustainable Stockholm

In 2040, Stockholm will be a socially sustainable city that promotes human rights, combats discrimination and guarantees all inhabitants equal rights and opportunities.

This entails that Stockholm can provide:

  • A vibrant democracy throughout the city
  • A city free from discrimination
  • A safe and secure city
  • An accessible city for all
  • A model employer

Evaluation criteria

The entries will be evaluated according to the following six criteria:

  1. Use of Open Data – How have you used the open data provided to develop your idea?
  2. Creativity & innovativeness – Does the innovation provide something new and unique?
  3. Impact & usefulness – Can the idea actually be used by, and benefit, the inhabitants or industries of Stockholm?
  4. User friendliness – How easy is it to adopt and make a part of everyday life?
  5. Relevance – To what degree does the digital solution actually address one of the four target areas?
  6. Feasibility – How realistic is it that the idea could actually be realized and used by the companies or people of Stockholm?

Evaluation process

The entries will be evaluated by a jury appointed by the City of Stockholm. The evaluation criteria will be applied to each competition track. Following the competition deadline, the submissions will be reviewed by the expert jury using the judging criteria listed below.

Top 6 finalists

Following the deadline the jury will decide the top 6 entries per competition and provide feedback via email. The top 6 will then be able to amend their entries based on the jury feedback and re-submit their idea details on the website.

Prize ceremony

After the close of the competition, the finalists will be invited to Stockholm to present and pitch their ideas live for the expert jury. During the event, the jury will select and award the winners and their ideas.

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